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  1. Chore System
  2. Would you spend your 10th anniversary evening at a kid's b'day party?
  3. Sibling issues
  4. The Tattle Monster
  5. Stuff my kid says
  6. Sibling rivalry funny
  7. What's Everyone Doing for the end of the year teacher gifts?
  8. S/O personal gift from you or class gift?
  9. Anxiety at the park
  10. Blended Family - Labeling question
  11. How much to offer for hand-me-downs?
  12. Scream-free parenting
  13. FREE Parenting e-Book
  14. Super Pride cards
  15. Kids catching their parents...
  16. Tidying up woes
  17. Would you send her?
  18. What is #4 like?
  19. Training our Little Men
  20. Tooth Fairy question
  21. Does this seem like WAY too many days off next year?
  22. Over-mothering... Grrr.
  23. Question for stay at home moms
  24. 12 Simpe Secrets Real Moms Know
  25. Teaching a good worth ethic
  26. Gift of an Ordinary Day
  27. Birthdays
  28. How often do you have b-day parties for your kids?
  29. Answering: "Where do babies come from?"
  30. PSA::: Don't leave your children in the car this time of year! Really, never!
  31. Quick: Rotted tooth and tooth fairy.
  32. Back to school....
  33. It's funny now
  34. Punched the babysitter
  35. MIL breastfed the baby
  36. Books - storage, availability, etc.
  37. Fisher Price house party
  38. What size are your kids' feet?
  39. Would you let your kids stay at this person's house?
  40. Missing iPod Touch
  41. What's up with her belly pain?
  42. Do you check homework?
  43. Who else isn't done?
  44. Your family completion status...
  45. Sore loser maybe???
  46. Good toys for kids with Apraxia?
  47. PTO
  48. Trying a new discipline method this week....
  49. When are you too old for Trick or Treating?
  50. Would you consider this bullying? If so, how to deal?
  51. Type I diabetes?
  52. Gardeners: help me with fertilizer
  53. Halloween and Braces
  54. eyeglasses and transitions lenses for kids?
  55. Kids asking for sleepovers
  56. House rules
  57. Spinoff - breaking the house rules
  58. Ideas! I have no idea what to get for my 11 (almost 12 year old)
  59. Threats at school. What action would you expect to be taken?
  60. Unrealistic expectations.
  61. Talking with Children about Traumatic News or Events
  62. how many actually ask about guns?
  63. One Million Moms for Gun Control
  64. 9 Questions to Ask Before a Playdate
  65. ?Telling your child the family is moving?
  66. WWYD Christmas present
  67. Hey north jersey moms
  68. Child Psychologist or ?? For DS1
  69. s/o Kids activities
  70. Party ideas needed!
  71. Cursing
  72. Need hair help for Savannah!
  73. Do you punish for attitude during chores?
  74. When you have more than one...
  75. How do your kids earn/get money?
  76. Girls and shaving, etc.
  77. Never say never? What have you read/heard about this?
  78. Am I too easy on them?
  79. Can this be put in a Child Custody agreement (and would you)?
  80. s/o Kids and Gadgets
  81. Leaving kids home alone
  82. Be careful what you say to children. It can affect the rest of their life.
  83. Funny Ways Your Kids Have Been Busted
  84. Brag about your kids' activities and talents!
  85. Playing in the street
  86. Public restrooms
  87. Bedtime - Is there such thing as too early?
  88. Am I doing something wrong? Or something right?
  89. School portraits
  90. Book called plan b?
  91. Going to bed hungry?
  92. Positive reinforcement vs punishments...
  93. Loud play
  94. Sleepwalking
  95. When your child loses something expensive...
  96. Article on car seat expiration dates?
  97. The Bun
  98. Closing doors?
  99. Forgetting an appointment
  100. Extra practice - would you?
  101. Too much unstructured time
  102. Summertime learning at home?
  103. The dresser fell down on Elliot!
  104. Ages and admission
  105. Would you do this?
  106. talent for running
  107. music lyrics
  108. List of good movies to stream for kids?
  109. Your child online
  110. Raising readers?
  111. Help! Lice! Update page 2
  112. Would you hire a teenage babysitter?
  113. How much detail to share with non-custodial parent...
  114. What age for phones?
  115. Grandparents who smoke and your family protocol
  116. WDYT?
  117. Radio show/books online?
  118. simplicity parenting?
  119. I need ideas
  120. Decisions, decisions...
  121. Our next installation of 'Things the Lemuckley Kids Say'
  122. So...
  123. Youngest Kid, Smartest Kid?
  124. Do you mess with your kids?
  125. You know they are growing up when....
  126. Screen Time
  127. Learning Disability
  128. Helping your kid become comfortable in their own skin
  129. I've lost my mind. Party at home.- Update 11/10 Party Done!
  130. When is bedtime and for what age(s)?
  131. Here's a funny fear of mine...
  132. Sam! Punishment & Reward system!
  133. doing things with one child at a time and not all or including everyone?
  134. Christmas presents for the kids and travelling.
  135. Do your children still believe?
  136. When you stopped believing
  137. Talking to children about death? *sensitive*
  138. Neuropsych Eval
  139. Over reacting?
  140. What is your gift giving philosophy when it comes to the kids?
  141. Boys too attached?
  142. For the moms of SnapChatters *three more apps added to first post*
  143. Help me understand...
  144. *spinoff* explain Instagram to me
  145. room sharing as kids get older
  146. Orthodontia at 7&8 yrs old?
  147. If you pay your kids an allowance...
  148. They destroy every single rule I make!
  149. Interviewing a nanny
  150. Code.org
  151. Activities and fundraisers
  152. Missing your kids' Easter?
  153. Super competitive....parents
  154. 10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12
  155. Terrific camp opportunity around the country ... Check for near-to-you location!
  156. Keep or sell?
  157. How do you teach work ethic?
  158. New parenting milestone
  159. revisiting seat belts....esp for older kids
  160. *UPDATED* Have you ever paid someone to baby proof for you?? *pic pg 3*
  161. How long do shoes last?
  162. Moving car seats, have questions :)
  163. Pool time with lifeguard present
  164. Television
  165. Have you seen this - mom's revenge
  166. Bad start?
  167. Only Child Issues
  168. Sleep away camp
  169. annoying toys
  170. During sporting activities...
  171. Concerned about my Son's artwork featuring his Father
  172. spin off..what would you do?
  173. Why homeschool?
  174. Would you allow...
  175. I really need some input on this
  176. Roberts Bakery 50 Days of Summer
  177. s/o age of adulthood
  178. s/o Wine for ethnic or religious reasons
  179. Is there a link between advanced maternal and and autism?
  180. Who are your water wasters??
  181. Is this a rude question
  182. she is too demanding
  183. Old electronics and your kids
  184. Cartoon Disclaimer
  185. Social network for a baby? ))
  186. Giving medicine to a neighbor child
  187. Shaving legs for first time U/D g 2
  188. Gym moms - help me get ready!
  189. Oops!
  190. Charitable Contributions and kids
  191. Article on being the Default Parent
  192. Child Care Search
  193. choice of baby monitors
  194. kids begging everytime we go shopping....
  195. Height of the child
  196. A bit of a spin off of my Interesting Dilemma thread...
  197. Modelling?
  198. is this strange or normal
  199. Best tips for successful room sharing
  200. We aren't out of school until June 23rd!
  201. At what age can your daughter wear a wig?
  202. I am so Pissed!!!! Update pg 4
  203. Boys and ear piercing
  204. 18.5 hour drive-go for it?
  205. Moms with boys on swim teamth
  206. Do you share standardized test scores with your kids?
  207. Vaccine refusal
  208. Typing?
  209. What age for independent trick or treating?
  210. Kids with Kindles and the Amazon account
  211. Is my protective gene broken?
  212. Standardized Testing
  213. Oldest to youngest span
  214. Annoying Toys
  215. Any Home Schoolers in OH?
  216. Do your kids know cursive?
  217. Introverted child
  218. Allowance for College Age Kids
  219. Am I out of line?
  220. Staying Home Alone