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  1. How inappropriate is this?
  2. I re-joined CM for a purpose...
  3. I'm back again!
  4. Who likes to text?
  5. I am having trouble with PDF files
  6. How do I start my own business?
  7. Blackberry & phone plans - One is on the way!
  8. What happened to spring?
  9. Are you or DP/DH an architect?
  10. Do I really need Oxi Clean???
  11. where should I go?
  12. Do you ever feel OLD?
  13. Need help outlining my conversation
  14. Gosh, are they paying attention or what?
  15. Anyone else do BR for their 31cent scoop tonight
  16. Talk to me about a corner block/lot
  17. My garage sale deals!
  18. properly disposing of antibiotics
  19. WWYD - Bridal Shower Invite
  20. A roll of film...
  21. Put the seat down, Dude!
  22. Medical Care Authorization Form?
  23. Can I donate old towels somewhere?
  24. Can I do "lots" at a garage sale?
  25. Dog and cat owners...
  26. Would you drive 6 hours for this face?
  27. Social Chair...
  28. Mother's Day is this weekend
  29. Can't Print from Firefox
  30. What to wear?
  31. 2nd Job interview tomorrow!!! Help me decide what to wear!
  32. Have a laugh on me, please!!!
  33. Wind power -- would you?
  34. My new favortie quote
  35. Happy mothers day...
  36. How would you interpret this?
  37. Photography
  38. *SPINOFF* Bucket list
  39. Kiddie Pool on Concrete
  40. V's Mother's Day questions...
  41. Too funny!
  42. Should this have raised an alarm??
  43. live storm chaser web cams!
  44. I think I received my sign from the Universe that I am making the right decision!
  45. For those who really use facebook, esp. with other cmoms
  46. Funny
  47. pool moms
  48. Please help cure my baby hunger
  49. Giving notice to a sitter
  50. Need Advice
  51. Long car ride for 2 cats???
  52. What do you LOVE about summer?
  53. Talk to me about getting a tattoo *Update OP - I did it!
  54. Tipping: for therapeutic massage?
  55. I'm such a sucker!
  56. sales tax
  57. Quick computer help, please!!
  58. Kids home alone
  59. Hey Aussies!! Question for you!!
  60. Question about Zip codes! Urgent
  61. Memorial Day snuck up on me this year!
  62. Senior (citizen) prom!
  63. Snowshoeing?
  64. riders on bills please help me understand
  65. Any thoughts on where Elijah and I can go for the wknd?
  66. Actually went somewhere today.
  67. Barnum and Bailey Blue Show
  68. Facebook Dork
  69. I just got a STRANGE message
  70. What toys are in your backyard?
  71. Help me make a decision?
  72. Do you think this is dumb?
  73. Have they been different than what you expected?
  74. Do you look things up or ask?
  75. Does this sound reasonable?
  76. How many guests at your wedding
  77. Fellow wordsmiths, please check over my letter
  78. How old were you when you got married?
  79. Where are my fellow 'June Brides'?
  80. How much did your wedding cost?
  81. Would you tip for this??
  82. Does this sound like a scam of some sort?
  83. The thing about facebook
  84. WWYD - potential job
  85. Computer Virus
  86. Just say NO to bunk beds!!
  87. Cirque du Soleil~have you been? Is it amazing?
  88. Grad School
  89. Do you buy extra warranties?
  90. math/science/stat geeks- this has got to be
  91. Normal for employer to request photo with resume?
  92. **SPINOFF** Jury duty ~would you proudly do it or fear the call?
  93. Anyone ever have plantar fasciitis? Having procedure done next week...
  94. cancer in dogs (updated -- maybe good news)
  95. How long is your (or dh/dp's) commute?
  96. I can lower your bills!!
  97. neighbor kids
  98. Would you have a drink and drive with your kids in the car?
  99. Bing.com
  100. WWYD without your car?
  101. How similar are you to how you were in high school?
  102. I need more job feedback
  103. Why?
  104. Can you help me word this?
  105. Hmm, does this sound odd to you? re: craigslist
  106. Do you text while driving?
  107. What holidays...
  108. Need Help Finding Proofreading Exercises!
  109. Another Craiglist question: Should I meet?
  110. help me fill my toolbox
  111. Question for anyone that's been to a chemo treatment
  112. How much do you spend on clothing and accessories for family portraits?
  113. Facebook ?'s...blocking certain friends from certain things?
  114. Anyone with a single story house?
  115. I HATE keeping this a secret!!!
  116. Career change?
  117. If there was a car left in your culdesac...
  118. What do you think?
  119. What is 'manslaughter'?
  120. What is your view on gymnastics?
  121. the house is spotless, the boys are gone...
  122. Any interest in a photography Buddy Group?
  123. Elliot funny
  124. Weekday or weekend?
  125. Need help putting together income verification letter
  126. Should Dh get a job now?
  127. FYI: need newborn-18month baby clothes, boy or girl?
  128. Will you let your kids do sparklers?
  129. what would you get?
  130. What a palette!
  131. I saw WHAT in a Birdhouse??
  132. do reusable snack bags really work?
  133. I wish I lived...
  134. Now that was embarassing!
  135. How often do you (or your family) eat meat?
  136. If you have a pool
  137. Gay Pride Parade - What's your take?
  138. Beachgoers
  139. Baby birds
  140. In the summer are you morning or afternoon families?
  141. Lipizzaner Stallions
  142. Hey Ontario drinking moms!
  143. Wedding devestation
  144. Anyone know where Caseyjane went?
  145. Autographs? I don't get it
  146. birthday party invitation question
  147. Divorce Question
  148. People are clueless
  149. Mischief!!
  150. Question if you have a male dog
  151. The realtor will be here in 2 hours and 56 min....
  152. Holy Spider!!!
  153. picking a dance studio
  154. Ok, seriously...how much would you pay for preschool?
  155. Is it too late to throw him a party?
  156. Can kids get worms from dogs?
  157. insurance question
  158. CD Mamas...WWYD?
  159. How much would you pay for a lifeguard?
  160. Sleepy talk
  161. Tipping a caterer
  162. ipod to ipod
  163. Going back to school
  164. i know I'm pms'ing
  165. How do you rotate a video?
  166. How invested are you...
  167. How come?
  168. All our professional photographer CMoms...
  169. The first...
  170. What would you have done? :( (heavy pics)
  171. Kijiji buyers asking for things for free
  172. Supporting a Loved One After the Death of a Child
  173. Is it possible to become organized?
  174. Would you mind?
  175. How awkward
  176. Do you like..
  177. How many coffee cups do you have?
  178. Some people just don't think.....
  179. How do you feel about the term "hubby?"
  180. Books?
  181. Spinn Off-What are your quirks?
  182. QUICK! Need help with cover letter (clueless)!!
  183. Working Late
  184. What is up with my fax??
  185. Weird
  186. Facebook Question
  187. Unsettling dreams
  188. Yard sale help **UPDATE 7/18***
  189. Owning a restaurant?
  190. Copy/Paste
  191. Tipping?
  192. How long do you want to live?
  193. Where is everyone today?
  194. 40 years on.... worth it???
  195. So, I'm on facebook, now what?
  196. A scary realization
  197. I find it funny...
  198. What is your dream job?
  199. Yet another Facebook question
  200. I have to share.... ( funny)
  201. question for Jersey moms
  202. Anybody (or would you) foster a dog?
  203. Geo caching!
  204. Tell me about your property insurance (liability)
  205. Ok-how do you DO that? (inserting link and 'renaming' it)
  206. How does a car seat "expire"?
  207. How pathetic am I???
  208. What's everyone up to tonight?
  209. Hitchhiking
  210. Yet another facebook thread! Relatives you've never met
  211. SAHMs living in a new place
  212. A bit more professionalism...
  213. Facebook Firing
  214. A facebook question
  215. iPod/Podcast Technical Question
  216. need some help processing the pros and cons...
  217. What a great first impression!
  218. dumb technical question
  219. Facebook question from me too!
  220. Did you attend your 10yr HS reunion?
  221. state fairs
  222. Anyone care to catch me up?
  223. Old pictures of ex's?
  224. Yikes!
  225. WWYD?
  226. Isn't it funny that...
  227. WWYD - T chucked the Nanny's phone in the (edited: not pool but dog's bowl)
  228. "Pass the Mommy!"
  229. Another WWYD
  230. On-Board DVD Help...
  231. Diagnostic light on dash...
  232. starting a fish tank
  233. P/T Evening work-help!
  234. Another FB question
  235. Sooooo.....what exactly is considered "weird"?
  236. Tip Jars
  237. help me make a schedule please
  238. Facebook and my coworker
  239. Should I fight this speeding ticket?
  240. spinoff of another thread of my own
  241. Funny Bizarre Phone Call
  242. is this bad?
  243. Am I in the wrong here?
  244. Spinoff: Is Swine Flu Really Predicted To Be Bad?
  245. Yet another FB question...
  246. Great shower ideas for third baby???
  247. Do you think this is reasonable to ask?
  248. Moving house
  249. When you post anonymously
  250. Puppy Advice(first weeks)