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  1. Here we go again!
  2. Mirgraine during TWW
  3. CBEFM question
  4. I got a positive...
  5. All alone and can't stop peeing on sticks....
  6. BFP Gallery
  7. ?? about hpt
  8. now we decide to ttc...
  9. Questions.....
  10. Help me!
  11. Anyone want a cycle buddy?
  12. O pains
  13. 12 days till my af is due and have ?s
  14. Your earliest bfp
  15. Random TTC #2 Thoughts...Update!
  16. I have positives & negatives on hpts
  17. Cheap Meds
  18. Delaying ovulation
  19. Recommendations for OPKs?
  20. Is it possible I already o'd?
  21. Anyone else in the 2ww?
  22. laproscopic surgery
  23. When to BD for a girl?
  24. My DH is a dork
  25. Would you test?
  26. Connected Moms Theme for Ovusoft Charters
  27. Did I ovulate?
  28. Anyone good at reading charts?
  29. Anyone use ferning scope?
  30. Anyone have Asherman's Syndrome?
  31. Hilarious dream
  32. Holy crap - do you see a line?
  33. Cramps?
  34. 3 days of + opks at cd 43
  35. It's negative
  36. Time to drive myself nuts
  37. ? For those of you using Ovusoft
  38. What do you do?
  39. Want a boy? Gain weight!
  40. What do you think?
  41. I need some hope, please
  42. Who's in this cycle?
  43. Calling All Eyes...
  44. My Belly itches, my belly is crampy, and i'm moody ((UPDATED))
  45. should I give up hope?
  46. Internet Cheap hpt
  47. Please post chart links
  48. BD when you got pg?
  49. Clomid/IUI cycle
  50. Opinions on my chart?
  51. Hi, I wanted to introduce myself
  52. Will I always want just one more?
  53. What is this about???
  54. I have EWCM!!!!!
  55. On Digital HTP - What Does This Mean?
  56. A TTC funny!
  57. Metformin and panic attacks?
  58. Free Femera
  59. Is it my imagination? *Update page 4*
  60. Advice for family member unable to get pregnant since miscarriage UPDATE -PREGNANT~!
  61. What made you..
  62. PPAF!
  63. What do you suppose are the chances....
  64. Tilted uterus and TTC
  65. TWW anyone?
  66. Waiting to O...
  67. Ok ok, humor me here....
  68. Anyone do IVF with PGD?
  69. How do we handle this?
  70. I got my Clomid!
  71. AF is here!!!
  72. I've been lying to myself....
  73. My BFP
  74. This cycle's OPKs
  75. Clomid?
  76. Getting pg with one tube after ectopic
  77. Got my CL this morning
  78. Target Test Question???
  79. FF down?
  80. Come out come out wherever you are!
  81. Anyone know about progesterone levels?
  82. Answer 20pk opk is this +
  83. Could I possibly be ovulating already??
  84. Latest O on Clomid?
  85. Pretty charts are evil
  86. No O on Clomid....what now?
  87. how to support a friend?
  88. Short Luteal Phase: Tell me what you know...
  89. I O'd for the first time in 2.5 years
  90. Help!!! What should I do???? Sm Update with Question....
  91. To Test or Not to Test...thats my question!
  92. Considering IVF - Shared Risk or Striaght Up?
  93. 7 DPO P4 results
  94. Could I be??
  95. Dh wants to ttc NOW!
  96. O Pains-How bad are yours?
  97. I LOVE My OB!!!
  98. Serious cramping... and now I know why.*See pg 3*
  99. Could I have been fertile?
  100. Clearblue Fertility Monitor
  101. Regular hpt's and digital hpt's - questions
  102. False positives on Equate?
  103. Too High Risk for Clomid????
  104. Keeping fingers crossed..... UPDATED NEW pics; pg 14
  105. Another failed round~ Update after talking to Dr.
  106. cycles getting shorter every month?
  107. Talk to me about FRER---THEY SUCK! See pic pg 2!
  108. WDYT about TTC?
  109. If You've Used CBFM...Question...
  110. Can you see this?? Are my eyes playing tricks on me?
  111. Pain after ovulation?
  112. My Friend's Chart
  113. Clearblue Fertility Stick Question - New pic pg.2
  114. An RE's Blog
  115. Really strange cycle questions
  116. Humor me, please
  117. What do you think?
  118. I had my IUD removed this morning
  119. B6??
  120. High FSH???
  121. So scared to get excited, what do you think?
  122. Need a stick interpreter...
  123. Helping a friend
  124. CD 3 Blood work is in..Dr called
  125. Lower than normal temps all cycle?
  126. Would love some chart interpretation
  127. What in the WORLD?
  128. I have the best OB/Gyn
  129. WTH? I need OPK help....(Added more pics page 2)
  130. Sick = Delayed Ovulation?
  131. O on CD16 vs. CD20 Charts
  132. Back again with new pics!!!
  133. I feel myself getting bitter again...
  134. My turn for opinions/interpretation UPDATE w/ Prog level
  135. Another CMFM pee stick picture
  136. PG while on mini-pill?
  137. Anyone want to wait with me...
  138. are my eyes playing tricks on me?
  139. If you didn't O on Clomid...
  140. tests from today
  141. Which RE office would you choose?
  142. Clomid Question
  143. weirdest period ever
  144. When do you call it CD1??
  145. WWYD regardin RE appt timing?
  146. Feeling Sick, Passing Clots..... HELP!
  147. Mid-cycle cramping
  148. What were your clomid side affects?
  149. Clomid - Success and dosage questions??
  150. Quick: Which tests are most sensitive
  151. I got a peak!!
  152. Don't know what is going on...
  153. When did you O on clomid?
  154. For everyone who takes Clomid...
  155. Urgent Help needed from Clomid users
  156. OV Watch
  157. What would you do? UPDATE
  158. Clomid question
  159. When's the latest you ovulated?
  160. AF is here! AF is here! AF is here!!!!
  161. Do you think I O'ed?
  162. I poas early update pg 8 2nd beta
  163. Clomid on CD3-7 vs. CD 5-9, what's the difference?
  164. Month #2: Christmas Baby Time? [11 dpo final update]
  165. Stalkers welcome
  166. Anyone Been On Lupron?
  167. Clear Blue Fertility Monitor for $50?
  168. Would you call? UPDATE
  169. Before trying again
  170. Please help me calm my TTC nerves
  171. insane
  172. Tell us about your first BFP's!
  173. Cervical opening size...
  174. Will sleeping with my mouth open make my temps lower???
  175. What can I do this month?
  176. I am already obsessing, and I need some company!
  177. Robitussin or Mucinex?
  178. oops Delete me
  179. BD-How Often
  180. Almost here!!!
  181. Ok Seriously my breasts are HUGE!
  182. Why am I posting here?!?!
  183. Ok I caved and POAS
  184. Lots of Creamy CM (tmi)
  185. 11 dpo today
  186. When you and DH don't agree on another...
  187. Wanna see the ugliest chart ever? More pics @ 10dpo!
  188. I'm out
  189. This is crazy....
  190. + Pregnancy tests...when?
  191. I'm back to ttc!!!
  192. IUI + Clomid 200mg = TWINS???? YIKES!
  193. Does the darkness of a line really not matter?
  194. Sex every day for the next week!!!
  195. Some people are sooo insensitive!!!
  196. How to best be sensitive towards someone suffering w/ infertility
  197. My friends....
  198. What does it feel like when you ovulate?
  199. WOO HOO, I'm getting pregnant this week!
  200. Do you see what I see.... UPDATE pg 3 - pg 4 digital
  201. Should I reset my CBFM?
  202. ovulating on my own after 4 years?!?
  203. Do you see what I see?
  204. Can I start obsessing yet???
  205. 2 week wait sucks
  206. brown spotting (tmi)
  207. Grr
  208. I found a new reason to get my POAS fix!
  209. Fertility Blend
  210. IVF fundraising
  211. We may need to accept that this may never happen...
  212. Website for beta numbers?
  213. Question about follicle size
  214. Starting clomid tonight!!!
  215. When to think about a 3rd??
  216. I can't take it anymore
  217. Ovarian Pain
  218. What do you think?Update pg 2 *No Ovulation*
  219. Made an appt, what to expect?
  220. Gearing up to O again?!?
  221. I got my crosshairs!
  222. Do you think there are more infertility cases now than 50 years ago??
  223. Very interesting... Check out the chart comparison
  224. How much longer do you think I can hold out?*Final Update pg. 12*
  225. When to start????
  226. My first cycle after miscarriage
  227. TTC and PCOS
  228. Scared to test...
  229. Influencing the gender?
  230. Does anyone know?
  231. Are any of these positive?
  232. I took my last clomid pill lastnight!!!
  233. on the fence
  234. New hope...
  235. is it possible?
  236. My chart
  237. Started an IVF cycle
  238. Don't know what's going on..Advice Please
  239. DH told me the REAL reason he doesn't want to try again.
  240. 9 DPO pics!!! See anything???* update-11 dpo pics are up!!! pg 4
  241. Implantation dip...OMG UPDATE!!!!!!!! PIC ADDED
  242. Thoughts on TTC again
  243. Ugh, Evap!
  244. I O'd on my own!!!
  245. Fertility Monitor Question...
  246. My doc offered IVF
  247. AF is here!!!
  248. Tell me about taking progesterone to lengthen luteal phase
  249. Lots of ? for those who have done IVF
  250. O date?