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  1. So, this is where we are right now...
  2. Why do I have to wait?
  3. IUI again?
  4. I"m so ready
  5. very short luteal phase
  6. IUI this morning...7dpo and going NUTS!
  7. help for a dumb person please
  8. I don't have to take a ttc break!!!!
  9. I'm crazy
  10. 9 dpo and a faint line?!?
  11. Okay IVF pros more Qs
  12. Starting 4th Clomid cycle...cd 3 or cd5????
  13. Clomid sucks!!! (*warning* colorful language)
  14. Bummed
  15. When do you O after a "peak" reading?
  16. DH is willing to talk about TTC!
  17. So Confused
  18. Cycle length 44 days
  19. Fertility Monitor Refills
  20. Look at my chart, please.
  21. IVF question
  22. Question for clomid users
  23. How long until HCG shot clears my system?*Final update, pg. 11*
  24. What would you make of this chart?
  25. NOT PREGNANT with CB Digital
  26. Follow up with RE
  27. Well that's not fair!
  28. Getting the Itch......
  29. How long to wait after a c-section before TTC
  30. So totally frustrated and discouraged!!
  31. 7 dpo and feeling out already :0(
  32. what are the odds?
  33. Can you shorten your cycles?
  34. I dreamed I got a BFP.
  35. Trigger shot? BFmaybe-maybe not
  36. Vent: I hate Endometriosis
  37. Blue Line Question
  38. The pharmacy will think I'm crazy.
  39. Have you ever?
  40. How long is your luteal phase?
  41. Answer OPK strip....neg or pos?
  42. Progesterone level is in...
  43. Who's TTC???
  44. Mid-cycle cramping?
  45. The new FRER
  46. Trigger shot and BAD timing...
  47. Where is everyone in their cycle?
  48. I think I have a BFP!!!
  49. How to deal...
  50. OMG I forgot to take the Clomid
  51. Should the trigger shot result in + OPK???
  52. Question about ovary pain after ovulation...
  53. thinking of #3 . . .
  54. Fertility Monitor Question...
  55. My Acupunture appt
  56. How do I invert an HPT?*Update pg. 12 :(*
  57. Question! WWYD
  58. Dare I POAS?
  59. Not sure what is going on...
  60. Cycle Update
  61. WWYD?
  62. IVF group?
  63. When can a FRER be +++??
  64. Test Tweakers! HELP!!!
  65. Not a cyst!
  66. progesterone levels?
  67. Progesterone supplements?
  68. Thoughts - Uodated page 4 - BFN
  69. PG possible without implantation dip?
  70. implantation spotting?
  71. +opk 12/7 :0)-No O!!! 12/8 :0(
  72. earliest symtoms
  73. 23 pages...
  74. In pain...still no o...UPDATE :0)
  75. Lolly75
  76. Way to early...SPOT?!?--BFN :0(
  77. When would you start TTC?
  78. Opinions?
  79. Ideas for telling dh...
  80. BFP?!? Pic
  81. amuse me please
  82. Tell me about your early Dollar Tree tests
  83. Ugly Charts make Cute Babies! Got my BFP!
  84. I hate the end of the 2WW!!!
  85. Want to wait with me?
  86. Anyone hoping for an accident?
  87. Why is it that there are no pee sticks...
  88. wait or not?
  89. O 2 months in a ROW!--RATS! :0(
  90. where??
  91. First Response Early
  92. really poas?
  93. What are the chances?
  94. What do you think? BFN in Op
  95. Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc
  96. Progesterone to get pregnant
  97. What to ask ob/gyn
  98. Another - what are the chances??
  99. Questions about follicles
  100. Performance Anxiety
  101. Clomid vs Femara
  102. Which temp?
  103. Testing at 9DPO
  104. Question about BD and TTC
  105. Pretty low chance, right???
  106. Cd 44...update cd 54 and +opk
  107. No clue
  108. Snap me back to reality
  109. Fast OPK Questions
  110. Getting Started: Temping
  111. So that is what a positive opk looks like
  112. stopping bcp?
  113. 8 dpo?!?!?!?!?
  114. Article: Constance Marie's Miracle Baby
  115. Not really ttc, but not tta...
  116. pregnancy after vasectomy
  117. Someone please call my local Dollar Tree... *4/13 Update Pg 3*
  118. Need help with a chart
  119. New Update and a question in OP: Do you want to see one messed up chart...
  120. What's the best day to BD?
  121. Well???
  122. What do you think of my chart? UPDATED with progesterone results
  123. Thinking about DTD tonight...
  124. CBEFM Sticks
  125. Do you agree with FF???
  126. Holy Mighty...
  127. At-home FSH test coming soon
  128. Where is AF???
  129. when did symtoms appear?
  130. I can't help myself
  131. This is still so strange to me
  132. I have the Glucophage Rx...
  133. What do you think? *pic added*
  134. Hmmmmm
  135. Implantation dip?
  136. Slap me please!
  137. Not TTC, but...
  138. Evap on Equate?
  139. *gulp*
  140. Took my last BCP today!!!!
  141. Where is my fertile cm???
  142. what would you do, honestly?
  143. Obsess with me
  144. WWYD Re: Vacation/HPT
  145. Will start ttc next cycle, hopefully!!!
  146. Evap on Equate**$TREE PG.6-not good**
  147. Internet cheapie OPK's?
  148. is this normal?
  149. Other Chart interpretations? Edited with charts on pg 1
  150. Anyone been pg w/out sore boobs???
  151. Aren't we supposed to bd before ewcm?
  152. How soon after implantation bleeding can I test?
  153. 2 ww, anyone anyone?
  154. An "oops" baby?
  155. help me decipher...
  156. Symptom of early pregnancy?
  157. Stop me from testing...it is too expensive!
  158. What is your latest BFP?
  159. Color of implantation bleeding? tmi
  160. Don't you need a thermometer for a BBT chart???
  161. annovulatory cycles every other month
  162. Can evaps be pink? **pics added in original post**
  163. Is this a bfp?
  164. Do you think it's possible...
  165. Fertile CM
  166. Must be in the water...
  167. Analyze my friend's HPT's with me! (post-trigger shot)
  168. 9 dpo on dollar store brand...Evap or BFP?
  169. Now what? Interpret my ugly chart.
  170. Since I don't think I can post anon in the HPT forum... final update pg 35
  171. Unused IVF medicines
  172. None of my children...
  173. can you see these?
  174. Tell me how...
  175. do you see it?
  176. How dark of a line....
  177. Do you think it is possible to take an if it happens it happens approach to ttc?
  178. Would you test?
  179. Anyone in the 2ww that we can stalk?
  180. When would you test?????
  181. For your viewing/stalking pleasure... *update page 3*
  182. Did you have a boy or girl using OPKs?
  183. Answer & Equate: I think I got a BFP!!! Confirmed Beta!!!
  184. OPK? ***Updated OP with PICs****
  185. Positive OPK??? ***Question on bottom of pg1****
  186. Kinda freaking out....tons of pg symptoms!
  187. Inverting a HPT
  188. What do you think of this test?
  189. I will be testing later today *update pg 2*
  190. WDYT?
  191. Wow. Awesome advice.
  192. WWYD--when to call the doc?
  193. Is infertility a female issue?
  194. Um. Talk me off the ledge, please?
  195. Those who have done IVF
  196. Help me understand OPK/ovulation
  197. ?? about evaps
  198. Please tell me I'm crazy
  199. Do you see anything?
  200. Are my eyes playing tricks?
  201. Is this real?
  202. Are blue dye tests known for false positives??
  203. Implantation bleeding?
  204. [OPK/HPT] Anybody online? *another question on pg 2*
  205. Pg with AF?
  206. Oh.My.Lord!!!!!!!
  207. Isn't it funny...
  208. Is it time to go see my doc? *Update 3/29 in OP*
  209. back to TTC
  210. Earliest BFP?
  211. Tell me everything I need to know about Clomid
  212. I need to step away from the pee sticks
  213. how early for symptoms (please tell me it's in my head)
  214. Issues TTC/Frustration with my midwife, etc
  215. Do you know what I hate?
  216. [TTC] Need HPT (Accu Clear) Help!
  217. What Next?
  218. when is the latest you got a bfp?
  219. [OPK/HPT] I'm seeing things, right?
  220. [OPK/HPT] So when they say do not read test after 10 minutes...
  221. [Infertility] Lab results in
  222. [TTC] Tell me about your implantation spotting
  223. [OPK/HPT] Choose your own adventure!
  224. [OPK/HPT] Talk to me about evaps
  225. [Avoiding] Maybe possibly
  226. [OPK/HPT] So..yes? No?-Last u/d pg 18
  227. How strong have your imaginary symptoms been?
  228. [OPK/HPT] Do you see anything?
  229. [OPK/HPT] Update to Patty's "do you see anything" thread
  230. What kind of a POAS addict...
  231. [Infertility] Looks like we may be headed to IVF
  232. [Avoiding] BC (and Math) Questions
  233. [OPK/HPT] Uh, blue dye tests?
  234. [TTC] Ovulation pain-one side or both?
  235. [TTC] What is going on with me?
  236. [Infertility] FSH levels?
  237. [OPK/HPT] Pee sticks! :) New update pg 10
  238. [OPK/HPT] That Looks Like a Line to ME...
  239. [OPK/HPT] Pee stick progression
  240. Please tell me...*UPDATE in OP*
  241. am I accidentally in the TWW?
  242. Colostrum after O
  243. Embryo adoption?
  244. [OPK/HPT] Cycles after a loss
  245. [TTC] How long to wait after a miscarriage?
  246. [Infertility] Progesterone Treatments? *5/17 update bottom pg 1*
  247. [OPK/HPT] What do you think? *5/24 update bottom pg 1*
  248. [TTC] I hope this is the cycle!
  249. [TTC] To test or not, that is the question.
  250. [OPK/HPT] What are the chances (funny) *6/17 update tested again pg 3*