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  1. TTC roll call!
  2. Free 15-Day Trial of Ovusoft Charting Software
  3. Does Clomid make you feel pg in the 2ww?
  4. Am I crazy for wanting my DC close?
  5. Whick OPK to use 20 days or 7?
  6. evaps? or maybe bfp? update with beta
  7. "Clomid, Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor and Temping"
  8. Tested evening of 11dpo...
  9. Who gave DH a BFP for Xmas and how did you do it.
  10. Who has gotten pregnant while on BCP's?
  11. "If Clomid didn't work for you, what did you try next?"
  12. Anyone with bad ms with #1 not so bad with #2
  13. "Anyone in the should we, should we not mode???"
  14. anyone doing IUI soon or have done IUI?
  15. hold urine for opk's?
  16. can you answer this question about O??
  17. in a panic! did we miss the boat?
  18. clomid and soooore nipples after o
  19. Not ttc but have a ?
  20. PG & Ovaries still huge 3.5 mths after IVF
  21. When should I test?
  22. Metformin?
  23. A question for those who O on clomid?
  24. what should i expect at my first re appointment?
  25. Buying CBEFM off Ebay?
  26. Luteal Phase on Clomid
  27. "Elevated TSH, hypothyroidism and healthy babies..."
  28. How long did it take the second time?
  29. FSH - is it normal for number to change?
  30. I hate First Response!!!
  31. Think I MAY be pregnant...what do you think?
  32. Another might be preggo person...
  33. when do you start feeling pg symptoms?
  34. TTC Charters and Stalkers
  35. Being ridiculous but can't help myself....
  36. EWCM
  37. Dang opk what is going on? *pic*
  38. Negative UPDATE
  39. IUI at less than 24 hours
  40. Two Week Wait - Anyone?
  41. Very sensitive... need help thinking through ethical issue
  42. Answer Early test
  43. NO chance of natural pregnancy. How to stop hoping?
  44. Baby Name Book
  45. When to test when you have short cycles
  46. No CM in 2ww...........
  47. TTC #2~ Is your average O & LP the same as before #1?
  48. Totally grasping at straws!
  49. Hey got a question
  50. Laproscopy - blocked tubes. A few Qs.
  51. "? about Soy, Vitex(FB)"
  52. Question about using donor sperm
  53. What are the odds?
  54. Metformin and midcycle spotting?
  55. CP versus CM
  56. FET Anyone?
  57. HURRAY!!!!
  58. Early pregnancy signs?
  59. Help me decide
  60. Tamoxifen and fertility
  61. switching drs within a clinic
  62. Hcg levels
  63. I would LOVE opinions on my chart...
  64. Could O'ing early be a bad thing?
  65. My temp went up again- I tested...*updated 11dpo*
  66. what is going on? (still no AF)
  67. HCG Shot... What to expect?
  68. How likely is it to get PG when...
  69. My results
  70. I'm nuts...
  71. What dpo did you get a bfp last time?
  72. What can be done about low SA numbers?
  73. Chart Stalkers please enter
  74. clomid?
  75. How do you tell between spot and actual AF?
  76. Has anyone used Dollar Tree pregnancy tests?
  77. Wanna see my 12 dpo tests?
  78. PCOS questions for a friend.
  79. Considering IVF...want YOUR stories
  80. Cervical Mucus
  81. missing the stick-2 faint BFP's now -
  82. Feb or March 2007 Invitro??
  83. Faint line.
  84. TTC while breastfeeding a toddler???
  85. Another ? about CM...
  86. "IUI or not IUI, WWYD? *update*"
  87. I can't take this anymore
  88. PG test pic 8dpo. $ test
  89. What is in "those" rooms?
  90. We are thinking about ttc #3 but I'm terrified
  91. DH Stressed...What to do?
  92. How can I help my friend?
  93. How I might tell my sister...
  94. where to go for BT
  95. ? for those on folic acid supplement (TMI)
  96. "Strange! PMS after O, then gone??"
  97. 2ww is KILLING me! What's the earliest HPT has worked for u?
  98. Any users of the saliva scope for predicting O? I need help
  99. Very wierd pg signs but still BFN
  100. Clomid and Met?
  101. We are jumping on board!
  102. 17 DPO and BFN's...Help
  103. So I tested early again...pics**Updated w/Digital and FRER!*
  104. How bad is 6million for sperm count?
  105. charting while breastfeeding??
  106. When do you know you're DONE?
  107. "Feeling pretty stupid. Looked, and looked, after 10 min."
  108. Lubricant
  109. How do you determine cd 1?
  110. Can you get pg if you O'd already?
  111. I finally get to post pics... lol
  112. Had my HSG today...
  113. MY BFP Pic!!!!
  114. a little help
  115. HCG
  116. Can clomid cause scalp itchiness/dryness?
  117. Spotting a week before AF?
  118. Unsure on temp rise
  119. Chart says yes body says no
  120. I went off the pill!!!!!
  121. Woo Hoo! AF is here!
  122. Leaking breasts?
  123. What exactly is the issue with TTC and BFing?
  124. First RE appt.
  125. "Has anyone ever gotten a - beta, but ended up pg anyway?"
  126. Really could use some reasurance...
  127. did it take longer on clomid ttc #2?
  128. Fertility Monitor
  129. CD 200+ ???
  130. Anyone in the 2ww?
  131. Anyone spot or get af before finishing Provera?
  132. How long after a Miscarriage did you Ovulate?
  133. CBFM
  134. "NO + OPK, but nice temp rise??"
  135. SHG - Saline Infusion Sonohysterography
  136. IVF in March?
  137. The American Fertility Association
  138. Odd cramping... 5 dpo...
  139. Met ER - can I take it all at once?
  140. How big were your follies when you did the HCG shot?
  141. Which temp should I use?
  142. How do you keep up hope?
  143. prepare me for my HSG -- in graphic detail please!
  144. PCOS
  145. Trigger shot? (Update page 2)
  146. My chart
  147. ice cream helps with fertility
  148. IVF Question
  149. Irregular Cycle
  150. Anyone thinking or trying for #3?
  151. Anyone ttc after being on Prednisone?
  152. Donor Eggs
  153. General exercise question
  154. Advice about whether to go for #3
  155. Another question...
  156. Anyone try this gender selection method?
  157. Anyone else gearing up to TTC this summer?
  158. ++ OPK always = Ovulation???
  159. Need help w/instead cups...
  160. Mthfr?
  161. So much for trouble conceiving!
  162. A line is a line, right?
  163. For those with implantation bleeding
  164. You know when your a POAS-acholic...
  165. HPT question
  166. Girl diet?
  167. Who's in this cycle? About to O 3/13
  168. my monthly cycles
  169. 50mg clomid to 100mg
  170. Vas Reversal Question
  171. Implantation spotting?
  172. please help me understand dh's SA
  173. still ovulate with an ovarian cyst?
  174. Why did FF change my O date? I don't get it!
  175. stomach flu and early pregnancy
  176. This is so wrong
  177. First TTC, changed mind...now late?
  178. My POAS obsession
  179. Vomiting and Fever after ER, please help
  180. OPKs and work
  181. What should estrogen levels be at day 10?
  182. The Secret
  183. When to test
  184. Question about Answer 20-Day OPK
  185. Anyone on any kind of progesterone supplement?
  186. Another 2ww... Who's in???
  187. Aching bbs, but only slightly swollen?? Sign?
  188. Anybody else having Boinkfest 2007 this week?
  189. Anyone ever gotten...
  190. How do you know when you are ready?
  191. 2WW, Testing 4/26-5/2
  192. Bfn B4 Bfp!??
  193. Fertility Monitor Question
  194. Afraid to face Co-worker/Friends
  195. Safe meds to take if you might be pregnant?
  196. This 2ww is dragging!
  197. Test -, WHERE IS AF?
  198. Picture of HPT *Updated Pg 3 :(*
  199. Wanna obsess over my pic too?
  200. Anyone TTC in the KC Metro area...
  201. Herbs for Conception?
  202. How does this look?
  203. Hoping for a Mother's Day BFP?
  204. No one's experiencing infertility?
  205. Need Advice
  206. I'll start one...
  207. Resetting CBEFM
  208. Here we go again... do you think I'm ovulating?
  209. Anyone just stop the pill?
  210. I may have Oed
  211. CM after O question
  212. Does anyone have this or heard of it???
  213. Metformin
  214. Ferning after O
  215. Advice About Going for #2 -- WWYD?
  216. AF due 5/27...BUT...
  217. After D&C
  218. I got af
  219. answer early
  220. Can you see anything? **Beta update pg 5**
  221. Endometrial Biopsy
  222. Endometriosis Anyone???
  223. Is it time to TTC again?
  224. **Please Read** Would you be....
  225. would you want to....
  226. I need some help ladies!!
  227. I got my period!!!
  228. I ovulated!!!!
  229. The Pissing Match
  230. "I Would Die for That"
  231. Prometrium side effects?
  232. TTC while Breastfeeding
  233. Sensitive issue--how to tell infertile friend I'm pregnant
  234. CBE FM Question
  235. Really, REALLY early morning sickness?
  236. Beta level & trigger shot
  237. Vitex? Anyone?
  238. OMG UPDATE!! last pageEarly HPT tests - what do you think? NM -evaps : (
  239. Infertility related songs
  240. article:alternative medicines may hurt ttc
  241. Femera/Letrozole Questions
  242. Would you do it?
  243. Overseas IVF on the Mike and Juliette Show
  244. How many dpo did you get your bfp?
  245. 2ww and BORED!
  246. Geritol anyone?
  247. Cramping in the 2ww (Now with some spotting?)
  248. Spotting with Clomid?
  249. Fertility Monitor Question...
  250. Short LP = Testing earlier?