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  1. Stitches from first birth didn't hold...**UPDATE**
  2. Who developed pg related CARPAL TUNNEL?
  3. If Strep B+, always Strep B+?
  4. Would you deliver early?
  5. I took too much Sudafed
  6. Contractions all the time?
  7. Newborn Care Questions
  8. Question about Pre-Natal Classes
  9. Hot, Cankly and nothing stays on
  10. Anyone ever heard of an "amniotic band?"
  11. Off to the hospital tonight! *UPDATE* 3/19
  12. Pregnant and Flu/Virus. Should I call OB?
  13. When did you stop your prenatal vitamin?
  14. No epidural? Need encouragement! UPDATE pg5!
  15. Morning Sickness Peaking?
  16. Coming Home Outfit
  17. Pelvic/bone pain - 23wks??
  18. False Labor
  19. Red Raspberry Leaf tea
  20. First baby was early, induced, predictions for #2?
  21. For the ladies who will be pregnant in hot weather...
  22. Second Pregnancy-showing sooner
  23. chicken pox and pregnant
  24. Prenatal Yoga/Pilates video that you like?
  25. kids in the delivery room?
  26. Anyone taking Prometrium to prevent miscarriage?
  27. Insomnia!!!
  28. what does early labor feel like?
  29. Multi-vitamin
  30. big sister/little sister shirts
  31. Braxton Hicks all night long
  32. Am I being weird or selfish??
  33. Benadryl Safe 1st Trimester?
  34. If your water broke with #1.....
  35. 25 weeks and i suddenly feel...
  36. turning a transverse baby: help!
  37. What's the earliest you can see anything
  38. Leaking breasts - 27wks!
  39. The Visible Embryo
  40. When did your Belly Button pop?
  41. Tell Me I am Insane
  42. Due date help
  43. Heartbeat rate - was the old wives tale true?
  44. When in 2008 are you due?
  45. When in 2007 are you due?
  46. Period after Delivery
  47. Name that cramp
  48. gender dreams--accurate for you?
  49. High Amniotic Fluid level....
  50. Rapid End Delivery?
  51. Morning sickness is 3rd trimester??
  52. You have got to read this placenta funny!
  53. GD Testing
  54. Bleeding again at 6 weeks PP?
  55. Comfortable maternity jeans?
  56. How do you deal with the metal-mouth
  57. M/S...bring it on!
  58. What would you do? (LONG)
  59. DRATS - failed my 1 hr GTT!
  60. Listeria?
  61. Hcg blood draw
  62. Breast tenderness in 2nd PG +
  63. Posterior baby and Labor?
  64. Babies like...
  65. PP pains...anyone have them too?
  66. Sharp pains above bellybutton
  67. Unisom/B6 vs. Ginger capsules
  68. Would you have the Quad Screen?
  69. OTC meds in first 10 weeks...?
  70. im a fat cow
  71. Gestational Diabetes education but NOT GD?
  72. burning ears
  73. 30 weeks 3 days naked belly shot (just belly, no worries! :)
  74. Did I cause this?
  75. Spotting and Rh question
  76. delivery doubts- help!
  77. Can we talk about KETONES?
  78. Gestational Diabetes sugar levels...
  79. Sorry, more spotting talk
  80. stuffy nose!!!!!!!
  81. some people shouldnt be allowed to talk to pregnant people
  82. Finding out the sex...
  83. Pregnancy EOC Discrimination Alert
  84. Cord Blood Banking
  85. SO Embarassed...
  86. Birth in 2052
  87. Hemrrhoids....
  88. Belly Picture Gallery
  89. Belly Pictures Discussion Thread
  90. My son fell on my stomach...
  91. Nervous about HCG #s! *update*
  92. Prenatal Image Gallery
  93. REAL contractions or BH at 33wks?
  94. i found out the sex of baby july!
  95. Winter 2007-2008 Due Date Buddy Group???
  96. Pregnancy and exercise
  97. Best Pregnancy/Prenatal exercise videos
  98. what position did you give birth in?
  99. No PPAF yet! Woohoo!
  100. Birthing From Within
  101. Clothing Aversion *UPDATE -- New pants!*
  102. labor prayer list--am i missing anything?
  103. someone took a bat to my crotch
  104. what is the quickest labor youve heard of? (start to finish)
  105. Pain in one side
  106. Low Beta #s..anyone have a normal pg?
  107. Do you have a similar labor history to your Mom?
  108. Hospital Bag advice....
  109. I know I'm silly...
  110. Braxton Hicks already?
  111. Large fundal height
  112. *Update pg 4*Do you expect DH to go with you to the "big" ultrasounds?
  113. How do you know if it's REAL labor?
  114. for those who were checked for dilation in the weeks before...
  115. Nesting....
  116. Diarreaha & Cramping before labor?
  117. 50-60% effaced?
  118. For those who spotting in early pg....
  119. When did you start showing w/#2?
  120. From zero to 4cm in less than 2 days?
  121. He didn't even pay attention!
  122. Zofran pump cost
  123. im tired of being THIS tired!
  124. hospital bag and post-baby: what to buy, remind me!
  125. never had labor like this..kinda thrown for a loop!
  126. Is THAT my uterus?
  127. baby hiccups in the womb
  128. a poll for fun--whats my cervical number? *DR RESULTS ARE IN!*
  129. Postpartum foot swelling??
  130. Annoucement Shrit?
  131. Baby Needs to Turn
  132. Really low iron?
  133. Vitamin A
  134. My new maternity shirt...
  135. When did you find out the sex?
  136. "its a different pregnancy" i know, but still...WHY?!
  137. Preparation for labour
  138. quickening
  139. Post Partum depression
  140. did you have a cold right before/in labor?
  141. How much longer.....?
  142. i had a dream
  143. ITS THAT TIME AGAIN! vote on mommymonks cervix! *DR UPDATE!*
  144. Am I the only loser who does this when baby kicks?
  145. very nervous about fetal movement, please help
  146. Version- successful or not?
  147. *Updated with u/s results* Spooked.... what does this mean?
  148. did you *know* that labor was gonna start for you?
  149. Belly smaller today?
  150. UPDATE: 2nd beta, not looking good :( 1st Beta & Prog. #'s
  151. Question about Heartrate
  152. because i know youre all DYING for a cervix update!
  153. what will Baby July be--boy or girl?
  154. If I brought this to you after you got home from the hospital...
  155. re-starting stalled labor
  156. Registry
  157. Non-Medically Necessary Inductions
  158. What did you get for you dc...
  159. labor in the car
  160. + for strep B with all babies?
  161. i looked inside--question!
  162. When did you make your hospital bag?
  163. quiet or active baby pre-labor?
  164. dreams about gender - how accurate?
  165. 40 week cervical update--you know you wanna know!
  166. Baby movement....last trimester
  167. Bloating and Gas!
  168. Rara's 1st tri. information roller coaster - hop on!
  169. When did you tell?
  170. PLEASE help...What would you do?
  171. What IS that?
  172. From bloody show to birth... how long?
  173. Amusment Parks and pregnancy
  174. Neat week by week site..
  175. I'm spotting and freaking out!
  176. UPDATE!-2nd ultrasound tommorow - nervous!
  177. Anatomy Scan Update
  178. The biggest gainers!
  179. 11 weeks and major headache
  180. Hurts to Laugh
  181. Ok, now I'm spotting--make that bleeding--its over
  182. Waking up with tingling sore hands 38 weeks
  183. holy hormones, batman!
  184. Gush of white fluid
  185. Hotel Service
  186. Do prenatals make you sick?
  187. TENS.... worth hiring for labour?
  188. Pulled muscle?
  189. Dumb question
  190. How Many BH in an Hour Until it's Not OK?
  191. Sick Again
  192. What's "Normal" with Cramping in PG?
  193. Know anyone who's given birth naturally to a breech baby?
  194. Dr. wants to induce- wwyd? UPDATE P.3
  195. Suddenly can't sleep? 3rd tri
  196. spin-off:infant mortality
  197. Pg related words that bug you
  198. Rara's pg rollercoaster - giving me a nervous breakdown!
  199. Ok- so why is it
  200. U/S pic - boy or girl?
  201. 3 weeks pp and yeast infection
  202. Had my first PG/baby dream...
  203. Pain meds while pregnant???
  204. Your baby's growth over 40 weeks
  205. I need positive stories please :)
  206. Doc called for appointment! *UPDATE* induction set
  207. Madam Zaritska
  208. Emotions and pregnancy...
  209. Nuchal test?
  210. Should I demand an ultrasound?
  211. How does the baby come out?
  212. Time to sleep in the bath???
  213. What's up with the shiny belly?
  214. post-baby: when did your hips go back down?
  215. Maternity insurance??
  216. Another embarrassing pregnancy symptom...
  217. someone call my husband...
  218. Another embarrassing pg question... *Update Pg 2*
  219. I know, I ask all the time (BH)...
  220. First AF after baby - spotting at O time?
  221. Non-induced labor
  222. I had a dream last night.....
  223. "Soft Cervix"?
  224. I thought BH were supposed to be painless?
  225. Due Spring '08 buddy group???
  226. Talk to me about morning sickness
  227. Fetal lung maturity shot?
  228. Dizziness
  229. UPDATE! NT test great & general good news!!
  230. My OB blew me off, WWYD?
  231. How far have/would you drive to the hospital?
  232. Burning skin?
  233. Halloween party, anyone?
  234. Did they do my test right?
  235. I can't find my cervix!
  236. Switching midwife practices
  237. Ack...the bleeding...how long?
  238. Abnormal sequential screen results
  239. Veins and a cramp
  240. How much coffee/caffeine do you drink?
  241. Anyone have a waterbirth?
  242. doppler ?
  243. Stupid PG hormones.
  244. Feeling nervous
  245. M/S help
  246. U/S Gallery?
  247. hydroamnios
  248. What can I take safely for a bad cold?
  249. Oh Crap..... Prolapse?
  250. symptoms faiding... is it bad?