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  1. When are you due?
  2. Informational links/books for pg, childbirth & vbac
  3. Help w/ "Morning Sickness"- (i.e. Nausea)- UPDATED
  4. Not having to shave legs while pg?
  5. Choroid plexus cyst UPDATE**
  6. Who's Excited to See January?
  7. Who is due in the next two weeks?
  8. Embarrassed! Itching in Weird Places..
  9. When did your belly "pop"/first pregnancy?
  10. Cost of delivery/hospital stay
  11. Tell me about your membrane sweep..
  12. birth plan?
  13. When did you get your first AF after delivery?
  14. If you were removed from work
  15. If pitocin worked the first time...
  16. early U/S and think it was a boy and end up with a girl?
  17. Anyone feel achy and swollen...umm...down there?
  18. Brewer Pregnancy Diet?
  19. "BIG" u/s today and so nervous!
  20. Ever do something really dumb without thinking?
  21. Do you wake them up?
  22. Bleeding/Old Blood
  23. Not to toot my own horn or anything...
  24. tilted uterus & incorrect u/s dating?
  25. What would you do?
  26. first AF - very heavy
  27. Prenatal yoga
  28. Any tips on taking Iron?
  29. Anyone have to take Vicodin while PG?
  30. 3rd or 4th degree tear with 1st- what happened w/ subsequent
  31. Can i eat prosciutto and mozzarella if it is cooked.
  32. when do they start sleeping?
  33. I'm a fat cow at 11 weeks!
  34. Swelling in the face and hands - when to worry?
  35. Banking Cord Blood
  36. what are the chances?
  37. Reglan/Maxolon
  38. Anyone get pregnant after removing Polyps?
  39. Dreaming about baby???
  40. What is up with this SWEATING stuff???
  41. PPD
  42. Scrubs (this IS relevant to pgcy!)
  43. Induction w/ pitocin...how bad was it?
  44. Hard to find h/b on doppler
  45. Sunny Side up? RE delivery
  46. Cheap Maternity clothes?
  47. Is it POSSIBLE to feel a THUMP this early?
  48. When do you stop checking?
  49. back labor question
  50. Saline Nose Spray only 3 days in a row??
  51. Can I take this....Need Help ASAP
  52. can they tell in utero if...
  53. Finally in Wisconsin...I can't Believe It!
  54. How early did you know the sex?
  55. Letrozole
  56. Argh how much longer can this last?!
  57. gest diabetes???
  58. Headaches
  59. "Morning Sickness- Zofran working, then not working????"
  60. Early 2nd trimester fears engulfing me!
  61. If you took terbutaline (or something similar)...
  62. Worried about having to go on bed rest
  63. How far did you measure ahead?
  64. Pregnancy #2 much more uncomfortable?
  65. "Big First baby, Second Baby bigger?"
  66. Has anyone went through a surrogate?
  67. Low Lying Placenta that didn't move by 3rd tri- *Updated*
  68. Really dumb question
  69. pale brown spotting at 14 1/2 wks?
  70. Nausea before labor?
  71. Anyone go into labor before scheduled c/s?
  72. HELP QUICK! Do I need to drink water for 39 week u/s????
  73. UGH. This is it! Scared! Help!
  74. I found Tall/Long Maternity Jeans- FINALLY!
  75. Talking to your baby
  76. When did you first see the heartbeat?
  77. Hernia/ Stomach bump
  78. Posterior pelvic pain
  79. Should I expect first PP AF in two weeks? *update*
  80. Setting up the nursery
  81. 6 weeks PP? about bleeding
  82. Tailbone pain anyone????
  83. What to expect from a C-Section?
  84. How many cm's before they let you stay??
  85. Anyone not show early with second DC??
  86. Steals on Old Navy Maternity Clothes...
  87. Real labor Contractions?
  88. How long did your M/S last?
  89. tons of creamy cm at 36 weeks?
  90. I think I have a sinus infection
  91. Dilating but NOT effaced?
  92. Bruises or broken blood vessels on butt/back of thighs?
  93. High HCG/beta results = Pre eclampsia/toxemia??
  94. BH at 21 weeks?
  95. Contractions/Labor Question...
  96. the dreaded scale
  97. "U/s sched for 6w2d, will I see the hb?"
  98. Maternity support belts
  99. herniated belly button?
  100. Lots of Braxton Hicks mean quicker labor?
  101. military moms with Tricare
  102. Extreme pressure on my cervix?
  103. If you had an unplanned pg......
  104. Cough Medicine?
  105. Placental Abruption
  106. So how come I am not engorged or anything?????
  107. ? about what the mucus plug looks like (TMI)
  108. How far in advance...
  109. Spotting......still!
  110. When will I feel normal again??? -- UPDATE still not right..
  111. Is having CM normal in early pg?
  112. Do you ever stop worrying?
  113. Replacing breast pump parts?
  114. Making sense of cervical changes
  115. Did your contractions feel like...
  116. If you had to take Rx Iron for pg related anemia...?
  117. Quiting smoking while pg
  118. what can I do for a toothache?
  119. Anyone have an early u/s?
  120. How early did you feel round ligament pain (esp with #2)?
  121. VBAC advice needed
  122. Acne and pregnancy
  123. prenatal vitamins
  124. cervix feels like it is splitting in half
  125. Spotting...I'm confused???
  126. "If you were late w/ your 1st PG, were you with your 2nd?"
  127. When to expect first PP AF?
  128. Light brown spotting and cramps anyone?
  129. Please help me turn this baby!!!!
  130. 3rd pregnancy 15 weeks and i havent felt the baby
  131. Is it too early to feel punches on my cervix?
  132. Has ANYONE's varicose veins been THIS horrible? (PIX)
  133. "Preeclampsia - Full term, so what happens?"
  134. 1st AF after delivery
  135. Insomnia already
  136. Pain in neck
  137. "Airborne, is this safe?"
  138. How much did you bleed after 1st internal exam?
  139. looking for tasty pregnancy friendly beverages
  140. Anyone conceive while on an antidepressant?
  141. anyone due in the next 2 months????
  142. best places to give birth.. in the Usa.
  143. Menstral type of cramps...Branxton Hicks????
  144. Placenta Previa
  145. October baby!!!
  146. I've completely lost it!
  147. Early pregnancy weight loss
  148. What's up with the CM?!
  149. Maternity Pants.....Love em/Hate em??
  150. very top of stomach pain!!!!!
  151. sciatica?**updated with excercises good for prevention**
  152. Gaining more weight the second time around
  153. fundal height
  154. Baby register with #2?
  155. VBAC anxiety
  156. i need meds for depression--please help
  157. "Oh my, the PP cramps are killing me...PP AF ?s"
  158. Subchorionic hemmorhage?
  159. Major BH contractions at 23 weeks?
  160. Painful Pressure Down There...
  161. Maternity Belt Advise/Recommendations???
  162. no mucus plug?
  163. Hospital tour
  164. IS this labor? HELP
  165. Iron Deficiency at the end
  166. Pregnancy gender dreams
  167. Hospital Tour
  168. Take your best gender guess! UPDATED!!! YIPPEE!!!
  169. How to tell?
  170. Would you change your doctor? (long)
  171. Insomnia
  172. bloody show??
  173. Group B strep-POSITIVE!
  174. When did you start your baby registry?
  175. Braxton Hicks ?
  176. I Think I Might Have Felt a Kick?
  177. Flu Shot?
  178. Spotting after internal
  179. hospital bag- refresh my memory
  180. PP Hoohaa ?
  181. Random contractions - how long before labor starts?
  182. Acid reducer safe during pregnancy? which one??
  183. Morning sickness hypnosis???
  184. My C-Section incision is still bleeding!
  185. Slippers for Hospital Stay
  186. VBAC questions
  187. What to do to kill time?????
  188. Pelvic prolapse?
  189. Pilates for Pregnancy DVD - Any recommendations?
  190. Can you fly 18 weeks pg?
  191. Evening sickness? Maybe?
  192. Morning sickness returns with a vengence.... 35 weeks
  193. What do you wear post-partum at the hospital?
  194. How much weight did you gain during your pregnancy?
  195. How often do you feel baby move??
  196. When did you feel your first baby move?
  197. Should I worry?(baby movement)
  198. If you had an induction with dc #1...
  199. Crazed pregnant woman cleaning
  200. How did you carry?
  201. Calling All Homebirthers: What did you do with the placenta?
  202. Early dilation and effacement but go on to near term?
  203. Anyone else have problems with SI joint?
  204. 1st Pregnancy Baby Not Moving Much....
  205. SOMEONE HELP! (PREG question!) *UPDATE 2/19*
  206. did anyone actually have 'implantation bleeding'?
  207. C-section moms
  208. please tell me about PPD
  209. Preg Safe "Pick me up"
  210. c-sect- how long did you stay in hospital?
  211. c-section "rules"....bah-humbug!
  212. severely anemic!
  213. Joint Pain
  214. Those of you that spotted during pg?
  215. yeast infection
  216. What's your biggest fear for #2 or more?
  217. BRU gift registry
  218. Crampy and achy
  219. How could you not know?
  220. A period ALREADY?? Could it be what this is???
  221. Rationing my zofran?????????
  222. "Seriously, I feel Great!!!"
  223. Trying to decide if I should call
  224. varicose veins "down there"
  225. Second delivery question: When did you deliver?
  226. My girlfriend had her son on her bathroom floor yesterday!
  227. A mover and a shaker...
  228. How much weight have/had you gained at the 1/2 way point?
  229. Questionable/crazy things you have done while PG
  230. vbac and going overdue?
  231. how long time? q about scheduled c-section.
  232. Twins vs. single -- any moms out there who can compare?
  233. emergency c-section vs. scheduled c-section
  234. ? for those who had successful VBAC's!
  235. Info on Oil-based paint?
  236. 38 weeks & 2-3 cms dilated
  237. Deleted
  238. If you had or are having a 2007 baby......
  239. Newborn clothing in summer?
  240. Reflexology/Zone Therapy
  241. Vasa Previa?
  242. "False Alarm" Stories
  243. My OB called her a "wild child!"
  244. If you had a Bladder Infection during pregnancy....
  245. What's the "ok level" for nucheal fold?
  246. If you have PSD, sciatica, etc.
  247. Ouch! Elbows & knees from inside and out!
  248. Anyone else having an uncomfortable second trimester?
  249. Are you due this month??
  250. Ppaf ??