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  1. Potty training, would you do it?
  2. Is there such thing as being TOO imaginative?
  3. Another potty training question
  4. Pink + Horse = I love you mommy
  5. New bedtime issues
  6. School fundraisers
  7. My 3 year old doesn't miss a thing!
  8. She's a stubborn little thing!
  9. She is biting.........
  10. ACK! Potty Training is going to be the death of me!!!!!!!!!!
  11. How to deal with hitting
  12. Help me with this schedule!
  13. Crib to toddler bed to bed????
  14. All she thinks of is food.
  15. She doesn't want to go to preschool...
  16. Playing/keeping them entertained
  17. Pre-K
  18. I am bound and determined...UPDATE pg. 1
  19. Tell me about PTing a boy
  20. How much SHOULD he be drinking?
  21. Seriously, up to age 4
  22. How do you teach them to "wipe"??
  23. What are car seat laws in other countires?
  24. I ***swear***
  25. Picking up your speech habits...
  26. "Chocolate" Barbie
  27. What a major difference!
  28. WHY do I feel guilty about preschool??
  29. Too cute!
  30. books
  31. Picky eater problems
  32. I think we call it a success?
  33. I embarressed her....
  34. Yay she did it....
  35. holding a writing utensil correctly
  36. Give me an idea of when it will stop... great U/D page 3
  37. Mean girls
  38. Jumping with two feet and hanging from a bar...
  39. She wants a new teacher. *UPDATE pg 2
  40. 04Augustbabies06 and ~Amy~
  41. I am not the only one that's been there, right?
  42. UGH! Help me with potty training (poop)
  43. Mommy reading too much into things...
  44. Need serious night time help (long) *Second Update Pg 4*
  45. Do they ALL behave like this??
  46. "Hey Mom! This bottom..."
  47. Do you hear what I hear?
  48. At what age should they be able to make these sounds?
  49. Potty training - what next?
  50. Mommy likes Daddy's parts!
  51. WHOA! (body parts post)
  52. When was your boy night trained?
  53. Guardian Angel Day at Preschool
  54. how long can your toddler hold it? and other PT questions
  55. Tell me about your potty training...
  56. Morning or afternoon preschool?
  57. The Little Girl Who Cried Wolf
  58. He's going to be the death of me
  59. Canada has an interesting national anthem
  60. Already knows letters?
  61. PT - Are we nuts for considering it?
  62. A great big sister...
  63. Umm.... kids say the darndest things??
  64. lmao--darndest things part 2
  65. Lessons in subtlety - things kids say.
  66. Unbuckling chest clip!!! What to do?
  67. I am shocked - my 4yo Godchild!
  68. so uncooperative!
  69. My poor DD!
  70. is he TRYING to drive me absolutely bonkers?!?
  71. stuttering
  72. Over it!
  73. It's so hard when they're crushed...
  74. Allowance?
  75. Winning/Losing-So competitive!
  76. Mine!
  77. Not the best timing!
  78. OMG... this little girl of mine...
  79. Efficient self-feeding?
  80. night time potty-training
  81. Need thoughts about potty-training and *numero dos*
  82. Did/do you have a head banger?
  83. Anyone NOT potty training now?
  84. Headline: Terrible mother takes childs toys away for poor behavior
  85. croc sizing question...(mammoth)
  86. Reading
  87. PTing setback*update*
  88. What do you do when they are "THAT" child in public?
  89. Um... might want to re-think that...
  90. How high should a two year old be able to count?
  91. Potty Issues
  92. Bad parents of the year!
  93. Allergy moms - a question
  94. Dilemma! PT related
  95. Mother's Day Out, etc.
  96. Little girl haircut ideas
  97. A funny
  98. something positive!
  99. our bedtime!
  100. Speech Issues - When is it a concern?
  101. Teething or ear ache?
  102. What's the deal with pooping on the potty?
  103. Opinions needed (Ava's class)
  104. did you know that...
  105. Naptime stalling
  106. How do you entertain your 18 m/o?
  107. Please pass the coffee...the nightwakings are killing me
  108. Toys for playdates...recommendations for toys that kids LOVE
  109. Secrets... she was doing SO well...
  110. ? For those that know about IEPs...
  111. WHY!
  112. Nighttime potty training
  113. Why is he being such a smartmouth all of sudden?
  114. Am I the only one...
  115. Thanksgiving Song
  116. Just teeth?
  117. How do your kids go to sleep/wake up?
  118. So proud of my big boy...
  119. Terribly curly hair - need help!
  120. How do I deal with the 1 track mind?
  121. Love & Logic Backfired!
  122. She seriously cracks me up...
  123. Why did I pee the bed?
  124. Uh, early potty learning?
  125. Silly me
  126. Q's first therapy appt today...I teared up-
  127. Wild tantrums
  128. What's with this not listening?!?!
  129. What is going on with her re: potty issues
  130. How do you handle meltdowns?
  131. Rough morning...advice?vent? sympathy?
  132. Night-time potty training
  133. Do you wake your DC up from a nap?
  134. poop at mcdonalds
  135. Ready to throw in the towel!
  136. Already?
  137. It's a test... LOL
  138. Is your 3 year old still napping?
  139. Ideas for my non-napper
  140. I've had it with potty training!
  141. Ace is so tiny
  142. Holy Sharpie Marker Batman
  143. 2 toddlers + 900 wipes =
  144. The sweetest things
  145. Too tough consequence?
  146. Preschool Christmas Program
  147. 3 year old + a marker + Mommy on the phone (or internet) =
  148. Wow! Has anyone else heard this?
  149. MY boy is disgusting
  150. Is it just expected
  151. Is my kid the only one...
  152. Take. A. Nap.
  153. So WWYD?
  154. Time to give up the nap?
  155. Daddy! Help! Help!
  156. Skipping naps already???
  157. logic/problem-solving/creative solutions
  158. How do you handle these fits?
  159. If you had a thumb-sucker...
  160. Tossing the bottles
  161. Night Time Bed Wetting Protection
  162. Tell me your best and worst of your pre-school
  163. spinoff: snowtubing & toddlers (didn't want to hijack Cherie's thread)
  164. My little Kiara is getting glasses!!!!
  165. Feeling guilty because I am so frustrated with her
  166. Fine motor skills/hand strength help
  167. How much does you 1.5 year old eat?
  168. Discussing the earthquake in Haiti with the kids
  169. poo issues trained? but regressing? my fault?
  170. Would you keep trying? (potty training)
  171. She's torturing Jake
  172. Conversation with Ace
  173. moms of boys & pee?
  174. May be getting sick - send to school?
  175. Anyone held/attended a birthday party at Chick-fil-A?
  176. Night Time Waking/Bathroom Trips
  177. What instructions would you want?
  178. Fun birthday idea for a 4 year old girl
  179. Anyone's PTing gone like this?
  180. How did you transition? cold turkey or leaving the crib up?
  181. Purple lips?
  182. Poor baby
  183. What do you do with the kid who is not phased by discipline??
  184. good school party birthday treat??
  185. Snow days
  186. More potty training WWYD
  187. anyone else notice a potty training trend-change?
  188. To have the assertiveness of a 4 y/o!
  189. Somebody help me!
  190. Montessori parents
  191. The joy of peeing on things
  192. She is too funny!
  193. A new holiday
  194. Would this bother you?
  195. Question about carseat in a truck
  196. Call doc for vomiting? New question bottom pg. 1
  197. Well you don't need me anymore!
  198. Rya's new name
  199. 4 year olds will ask anything that's on their mind...
  200. so she talked to me... now what do I do??
  201. I'm seriously stumped...poop problems
  202. How to get her to stop "holding it"
  203. Pre-K registration *update - she's in!*
  204. You have a twin, dangit!
  205. Nighttime Potty Training
  206. Is this a youngest child thing or am I just nuts?
  207. Be sure to check your dc's digital camera from time to time...
  208. gray hair??
  209. Lilia's musings on death...(from Canada? check it out)
  210. bike brakes question
  211. What would you pay?
  212. Need help with the toddler bed....
  213. The chatterbox....
  214. When is it time for opposite gender siblings to bath seperately?
  215. how long did it take to pedal well?
  216. Need Quick Advice...How Long Did You Use Your ERGO???
  217. Taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R on the potty
  218. Ace's New Word
  219. "Another mystery!"
  220. Funny vocabulary for an 18 month old
  221. It's never good...
  222. "die?"
  223. my friend's hysterical FB status..
  224. Can someone remind me?
  225. Matthew's plan
  226. 3 year old wisdom
  227. Waking at night
  228. coffee?
  229. I wish the teeth would come in already!!!
  230. L is being so defiant & not sure what to do anymore, help!
  231. I have a parent-teacher conference
  232. Guess what he did at the doctor's office?
  233. Q and school....reinforces my decision
  234. climbing out
  235. I think my 4 yr old had a mental breakdown....
  236. Level I swim help!
  237. New obsession with paci!
  238. Not sure if I should laugh or be ashamed
  239. sunandmoonandstar
  240. diarrhea and accidents
  241. How many days of preschool?
  242. Four year old trouble with Transitions...
  243. A phase that I could use some guidance on!
  244. what do do about food-stealing?
  245. Screaming toddlers
  246. Normal language development for 20 month old?
  247. They didn't notice he was missing!?!?!?!
  248. What are other to be 1st graders into?
  249. I don't know what to do with (for?) Ace
  250. Ugh! The dreadful transition to a bed.