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  1. CD inserts
  2. Digital scrappers
  3. Draft of Alexis b-day Invites ***updated w/final draft**
  4. Help me plan a BIG party
  5. Faux finishing a fireplace???
  6. Messy - but really fun - way to entertain your kids!
  7. Outdoor activities for the kids
  8. Gift Idea *updated - practice key chains*
  9. Question from a sewing challenged mama
  10. ? about birtday party crafts
  11. Calling all scrapbookers!!!
  12. letters for nursery
  13. Need some Shuttermoms help!
  14. Our birth announcements
  15. Levi's Birth Announcement
  16. My $4 wreath... and V's foamie town
  17. Hair Bows/Clips
  18. Help me make a Snow White hair piece/hair bow...
  19. Invitation wording help needed Please
  20. Help me entertain 12 five year olds!
  21. sewing machine question
  22. Another Tattoo thread
  23. Photoshop experts!
  24. Replacing zipper on pants?
  25. Wrong...but oh so cute!
  26. My very first attempt at an ice skating dress!
  27. A Stained Glass Piece I Made
  28. Share Your Homemade Ornament Ideas
  29. Our indoor snowman
  30. making cookies
  31. Photoshop Elements help needed!
  32. Christmas card sayings
  33. What a cute idea!!!
  34. Christmas Count-down Craft
  35. Gingerbread Houses
  36. Photographers
  37. Need new ideas for the girls' room *update pg 2...do these go well together?*
  38. We made these for teacher gifts *added pics*
  39. the year in review - music
  40. I made hobby horses!
  41. Aw crap! Can't figure out a sewing machine!!
  42. Can anyone make this picture black and white?
  43. Need help on a pic
  44. I Fixed a Picture
  45. Recovering a chair or ways to clean this
  46. How to deco a glued puzzle?
  47. Has anyone made 'felt food'?
  48. Lets try this again....***FINAL pg 3***
  49. tattoo ideas?
  50. Knitting or Crocheting?
  51. my latest project....
  52. Sewing Machine Question
  53. My Latest Project, What Do You Think?
  54. help me enter a contest!
  55. Display your crafts! Pic heavy
  56. Kerryn inspired me
  57. Re: My quilt's progress ~new pic~pg2
  58. barrette holder
  59. my frozen buttercream transfer...
  60. Look what I made!! A pull-string pinata from scratch! :)
  61. How to: Make a pull-string pinata from scratch
  62. Craft sites or books for crafting with kids?
  63. Free printable Valentines
  64. Montage music ideas
  65. Homemade Play Kitchen
  66. I made my own sling!
  67. Digital scrapbooking
  68. I made my 1st Reuseable sandwich bag
  69. I wanna learn to knit!
  70. Craft for ages 2-8ish?
  71. Latest Pages
  72. Bunnies
  73. Need little boy room ideas
  74. Rag quilt
  75. No-sew tutu
  76. Question about baby blanket
  77. April Fools
  78. Anyone ever sold anything on Etsy?
  79. Online fabric place?
  80. Fire effort quilts... #3 added (pg2)
  81. Organizing kids' craft stuff?
  82. look what I made!
  83. Which border?
  84. Free Fonts for Digital Scrapbookers, etc.
  85. I'm hosting a play date on sunday - need activities
  86. Wall phrases for rooms
  87. Pixie Dust
  88. Mothers Day Gift Ideas
  89. Mother's Day tote for MIL
  90. PUL Fabric
  91. Cyn!
  92. Crafts for a 4-5yr old
  93. photoshop elements - help!
  94. great fuzzy background in pictures?
  95. Help making a pinata?
  96. Would you buy something like this?
  97. Sewing machine question (looking to buy)
  98. D-A-D
  99. Stepping Stone...
  100. What photo editing software do you use?
  101. My crafty fun of the day...
  102. I need help with wording for birthday invites
  103. Name that diaper
  104. Need a free website!
  105. parade ideas ????
  106. Help me make this cake!
  107. my tree - is it done?
  108. Sissy has a matching dress now! (and hat!)
  109. Sewing help for absolute novice
  110. Want to make some dresses - am I CRAZY?
  111. I need with editing our family portrait before my mom leaves tomorrow morning.
  112. My Very Own Tree :) Thanks Tracy!
  113. Pillowcase dress for Malena
  114. Pillowcase dress question
  115. baby shower invites
  116. Is this fabric ok for a beginner?
  117. Emerson now has a pillowcase dress ...boys pattern added
  118. These skirt instructions are supposed to be easy - help!
  119. For Patty (pmonkey)
  120. More diapers and now slings! *Pics Pg 2*
  121. Knitting a Harry Potter Scarf
  122. Autograph/photo book??
  123. Sling Measurements
  124. Sling material
  125. Cute Star Wars Costume/Birthday Party ideas
  126. My weekend with no kids
  127. Felt cupcakes :)
  128. Car seat canopy - only popular in Utah?
  129. Car seat cover (pic)
  130. Sewing mamas, check this out!
  131. Trying to find a pattern/tutorial
  132. Baby Shower activities
  133. Halloween....anyone thinking that far ahead yet?
  134. question about pillowcase dress
  135. Twin Halloween Costume Ideas
  136. Knitted Dish Cloth Pattern
  137. Attn Digital Scrapbookers: ScrapNFonts $1 Sale!!
  138. Honest opinion about a baby shower favor...
  139. Photoshoppers - clean up this pic?
  140. Favorite Halloween Costume
  141. I finished my first quilt!!!!
  142. Looking for PJs pattern rec's.
  143. Awesome store for wall words...
  144. Sewing question
  145. Any fun projects right now?
  146. Has anyone made their own crib bedding?
  147. Playgroup One Year Anniversary Party
  148. Blog design?
  149. Look what I made!
  150. Invitation wording help!
  151. Online/Digital scrapbooking
  152. Making a changing pad cover?
  153. Headband Holder
  154. Cat for Halloween
  155. Dollar Store Scarf to Baby Legs Tutorial
  156. FINISHED spider costume!!!
  157. Need egg carton substitute for this craft.
  158. Harry Potter Scarf
  159. any left handed knitters?
  160. Pictures with the tooth fairy
  161. Free Patterns for American Girl clothing
  162. Need ideas for 'twin day'
  163. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
  164. Need sewing help
  165. Cricut cartridges
  166. How cute did this turn out??? :)
  167. Cute, easy Halloween craft
  168. Quick, do I *have* to pre shrink this?
  169. If I knew how to crochet (or are these knitted?)
  170. Have you used Winkflash.com? Question!!
  171. The monkey mobile I made :)
  172. Small/cheap craft for 5-6yr olds?
  173. Princess Makeover Birthday Party ideas
  174. What do you do when/if you lose a sewing pattern piece?
  175. If you made a Halloween costume, post it here!
  176. Mervin the Molar: Cute or Creepy?
  177. Flubber Recipe
  178. Applique on shirt...
  179. Here goes...
  180. Need wording help
  181. Oh Corinne!!! And anyone else that makes homemade gift baskets!!!
  182. Rotary Cutter Question
  183. Sewing classes
  184. Need Webkinz clothing patterns
  185. Holiday card idea... Cheesy or cute? (pics pf PJ's page 2)
  186. Cyn-inspired, with a boy-twist!
  187. Anyone use 'chalk paint'?
  188. Anyone with a sewing machine want to help me out by sewing the edging?
  189. I need help!
  190. Quick Help! Sewing machine question
  191. Which cape? *Ace Modeling Pics, Pg 5*
  192. What are you making for Christmas gifts?
  193. Where can I get free/cheap letters for this project?
  194. Family photos - WDYT?
  195. ?s for Scrapbookers
  196. Just finished making 29 Christmas gifts.....
  197. Joann's vs Hobby Lobby?
  198. Christmas Card help
  199. Another Christmas card question
  200. My take on the Chef's hat *Apron Pic Added to 1st Post*
  201. I can't wait to make this!!! ***FINISHED!!!*** Pictures in OP
  202. Digital Scrapbooking?
  203. crafty moms (sewing, knitting)
  204. Question about making aprons
  205. where to buy tulle online?
  206. Sparkleballs!
  207. Homemade Gifts by Kids
  208. Help phrasing a card
  209. Scarf #2 finished... 3 more to go.
  210. Crocheting is going to be the death of me!
  211. Care Package--ideas needed
  212. Question for our moms who knit... Update and ??? at bottom of page 1.
  213. Using Photoshop to make a Christmas card...
  214. My first crochet project!
  215. Ever sew with sequined elastic?
  216. Rag quilt questions
  217. How to make large "snowflakes" (Angie)
  218. Spinoff - artwork from a single sheet of paper. INCREDIBLE!
  219. Spool "jumping" when sewing?
  220. Crocheted scarf for niece #3 completed! My favorite, so far!
  221. Crochet question
  222. A baby doll sling...
  223. Another crochet question *Updated with final product, pg 3*
  224. One of Grant's Christmas gifts
  225. Need help with applique
  226. Baby rag quilt DD made in 2 days!
  227. Need Recommendation for Easy Scarf to Crochet *Update Pg 1 w/ pic, I made a scarf!*
  228. easy sewing patterns for doll clothes
  229. new knitting project
  230. annual cinnamon ornaments
  231. Easy knitted cat toys
  232. For all of my yarn-loving friends...
  233. Adding names to blankets
  234. Knitted thyroid, anyone?
  235. Knitting for Charity
  236. Taking the plunge - crochet
  237. I want to crochet one of these!!
  238. Fast and EASY Hooded Towel :)
  239. My homemade gifts
  240. Help me name
  241. Need a reusable lunch bag pattern
  242. Hello Kitty Party
  243. I want to make a BASIC quilt
  244. Yarn aplenty!
  245. Borox crystals
  246. 100th Day Project- Need ideas
  247. Make a 'taggie' ball...
  248. Baby legs
  249. replacing a zipper....
  250. Crocheting a hat, really??