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  1. Hair clip holder
  2. Finally finished - the rainbow quilt
  3. Valentines for my Litte Monsters
  4. Do you have a hobby/craft?
  5. newborn hats
  6. Baby shower games
  7. more knitting
  8. Should I make a dozen?
  9. Help! Need a quick project for a kid gift
  10. if you sew...
  11. Can you identify this brand of fabric?
  12. Awesome
  13. Birthday invite wording help ** Link to invite. OPINIONS??
  14. Shoes I made for my friend's DD
  15. How would I recover an infant head support...
  16. Favorite online place to buy fabric
  17. Anyone have a Serger?
  18. knobby granny square OR double treble crochet OR quadruple crochet
  19. Help with Elliot's party, PLEASE!
  20. Anyone willing to try crocheting this....
  21. I've slacked and need crafty help..pics added
  22. Creativity, please!! Business card on page 3!!
  23. tiny tutu
  24. Review Please!! Elliot's party clues:
  25. Dying Easter Eggs with Food Coloring
  26. Nursery in progress, tons of pics!
  27. I'm going to sell at the Farmers Market!
  28. 1st attempt at a ladybug hair clip
  29. Stamping/Card Making
  30. Making hair scrunchies?
  31. Should I use the odd-ball one?
  32. need help choosing colours
  33. Shirt to dress :)
  34. Super Simple Summer Dress I Made
  35. crochet help??
  36. Party ideas?
  37. Shirred dress *shortened pic pg2*
  38. What I've been making out of scrap fabric
  39. design your own travel mug
  40. Fabric flower crafting? Help!?
  41. Gift cards (pics added)
  42. Crafty mamas! Need homemade birthday ideas!
  43. What age for Perler beads (fuse beads)?
  44. Quilt layout program?
  45. Need a crochet project for the fall?
  46. Need a knitting project *update* bridge is covered!
  47. Photography question
  48. The Infinity Dress
  49. What are you working on?
  50. Help me find a dress pattern
  51. I just made some underwear *Made 2nd pair, pic added pg 2*
  52. Need help with my tattoo design!
  53. I need help from a Photoshop wiz!
  54. Cloth pads/pantyliners
  55. Need Fabric Help
  56. Halloween - help me turn my DD into a cupcake!
  57. Need a rock star costume idea for me!
  58. Reversible tote bag
  59. How do I turn this inside-out?
  60. Garland for a Christmas Tree
  61. Halloween Wreath
  62. Halloween craft or activity
  63. How to learn how to sew?
  64. More Photoshop help
  65. ANyone get Knitters Magazine?
  66. Thinking of Taking Up Knitting
  67. Knit Purse - Pics added in OP
  68. make your own candles(soy) lipbalm(natural)
  69. Current Project Photo Thread
  70. Thank you Quilt?
  71. Photography props I can sew?
  72. Adorable no-sew thanksgiving project
  73. Christmas Family Activities
  74. 2010 Christmas card-WDYT?
  75. double crochet question
  76. Crochet Hat
  77. Basic scarf (crochet)
  78. Knitting
  79. yarn storage
  80. Crochet stuff for Jen (jn__)
  81. Crochet Mitts... I got it!! *Update pg 3*
  82. Crochet stitch identification
  83. Not just for Old Ladies - Crochet funny
  84. Patterns
  85. Need pattern or tutorials
  86. Pictures of the new 'craft corner' for the girls :)
  87. Our new Santa Sacks made by ME!
  88. Crochet Pattern - Childbirth Education Doll
  89. Christmas Tree skirt made by my grandmother
  90. Ravelry.com
  91. Making Curtains
  92. Self portrait - arm's length
  93. Need help--crochet...
  94. Rag quilt squares
  95. photoshop elements - which tool to do this?
  96. Homemade Clipboard
  97. Little crochet animals
  98. I want to start a local sewing club
  99. How did you learn to knit?*UPDATE* pg2
  100. Great organizational system for sewing patterns
  101. CUTE felt crowns!
  102. February/March 2011 Knitting
  103. Calling all knitters and crocheters!
  104. Homemade Valentine's for school classes?
  105. What can I do with all this material
  106. Our comfy pants :)
  107. Our shirt to dress
  108. Sewers: Elastic thread is a big PITA, right? u/d OH NO!!!!
  109. Age to teach how to crochet
  110. My latest project
  111. Nursing Cover--UPDATE w/ Pic 3/28/11 Pg. 2
  112. Singer house party
  113. need help with a project
  114. E's new skirt! and proj #2 of the day added orig post
  115. Help me name my "home-based summer camp"
  116. yet another skirt for E
  117. Look at what Q's getting:)
  118. How do you store your fabric?
  119. Monday sewing projects
  120. Toddler Back Packs
  121. Doggy Snuggle Bed
  122. Easy, cute tote tute!
  123. Need a name for labels
  124. What is this stuff called? biased tape????
  125. Free girls dress pattens?
  126. Speaking of organizing sewing stuff...
  127. Recent Projects
  128. Anyone own a serger? New ? page 2 :)
  129. Pics OP Sewing
  130. What's your favorite fabric brand/designer? U/D with pics
  131. Quick ideas for homemade baby gift!
  132. My latest projects too :)
  133. What decorations for this party?
  134. Need ideas for making a wallet *Wallet Pics, Pg 2*
  135. Q modeling a dress :lol: (AMY!!!!)
  136. Need help with song for end of year cheer video!!
  137. The next skirt and a trial wallet
  138. With all this 'tag' talk....
  139. Easy peasy boot shapers
  140. crocheters - any way I can fix this ?
  141. Homemade garden tags
  142. Latest projects....(new pics/new proj pg 3)
  143. T-Shirt Renovation
  144. What sewing thread?
  145. Fabric eye candy....
  146. Mooshy Belly Bunny
  147. making own jewelry questions **first necklaces in original post**
  148. May's projects (S, new skirt added pg 2)
  149. Addicted to yo yos
  150. Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas Needed
  151. Roman shades
  152. June's sewing projects
  153. Does anyone have nice beginner sewing projects?
  154. July's Sewing & Crafty Projects
  155. Need help making Disney lanyards
  156. Has anyone ever made a water bottle holder? *Update with my attempt*
  157. Need help making decorative safety pins...
  158. Flat Iron Pouch Tutorial & Bias-Tape Question--**Done! Update pg. 4**
  159. Crochet/knit washcloths for beginners
  160. Need a Birthday Template
  161. 6 bags and 1 hat!
  162. It's done! It's done!
  163. Zipper Foot & Topstitching Near Magnetic Snaps
  164. My new toy!
  165. Reversible Hat tutorial
  166. Machine quilting without a walking foot...
  167. **Yarn arrived** Where to buy yarn online
  168. Back to School prep & organization ideas (fridge magnets, lunchnotes, study spaces)
  169. another ladder idea (too late for Nancy!)
  170. August Sewing & Crafty Projects
  171. A new headboard for D - the story of my build!
  172. Need "treasure hunt" help
  173. Where do you buy fabric?
  174. I need crocheting help please
  175. E needed a folder for school, soooo....
  176. Quilt question
  177. Ok, let's see your September projects
  178. need help selecting fabrics for quilt
  179. biased tape making tut
  180. Sewers.....how challenging is this bedspread?
  181. How to stage a pillow fight?
  182. Embroidery machine?
  183. Fabric brands...
  184. Label Maker
  185. Anyone make a classical/platter tutu?
  186. Surprising kids morning of Disney trip - ideas?
  187. Photographers! Help me pick my Christmas present!
  188. chalkboard paint on smooth, shiny plastic?
  189. Can someone help photoshop this photo for me?
  190. What Have You Been Making? November/December 2011
  191. Art bag and cookies
  192. ~23 yards of fabric!
  193. Photo Editing help, please
  194. Next set of sewing projects
  195. Teacher Gift - Felt Wreath
  196. Please help me figure out how to package/present this
  197. More awesome fabric and tale end of the Christmas projects
  198. It's not sewing but..
  199. Pajama party fun
  200. bed canopy/tent for a double bed
  201. Late Dec early Jan projects.....let's see 'em!
  202. Help, I goofed...It's finished now...pg 1
  203. Great daily sewing site
  205. February Projects--Share 'Em!
  206. Baby S gifts made by Kere!
  207. Need help with ideas to make beaded curtains
  208. Serger on CL - is this a good deal?
  209. Prom Dress made from Starburst wrappers
  210. Quick help on birth announcements
  211. My Teacher Appreciation on a budget :)
  212. Homemade Water Colors
  213. QUICK! Mitered Corners Help!
  214. March Projects-- Share them!
  215. Wrap dress
  216. Tell me how to make a quilt
  217. April Projects Thread!
  218. Does Joann Fabrics sell RIT dye?
  219. I am dying my crinoline this morning!
  220. Event Decorating Help Needed *New pics, pg 3*
  221. May Projects Thread
  222. Need a cute saying for a Mother's Day gift of nail polish...
  223. Have a great idea, need help executing
  224. Does anyone know a good/easy way to merge two songs together?
  225. DIY Arts and Crafts Camp
  226. June Projects Thread
  227. Does this look "done" to you?
  228. Dying fabric
  229. A long craft legal issue/question...
  230. July projects thread.
  231. does anyone have the xyron 900 (or similar product)?
  232. You know those sample paint chip strips at the paint store?
  233. Good price for a Babylock serger?
  234. Which is the best "gender neutral" print?
  235. Has anyone made felt play food?
  236. August Projects Thread
  237. WDYT, do I paint all of the walls?
  238. Messy Party
  239. September Projects Thread
  240. Sewing challenge, anyone?
  241. Crafting challenge (new)
  242. Sewing. What tools are musts?
  243. October projects thread
  244. Modge Podge Question
  245. Historical Figure costume
  246. Carnaval Game
  247. Turning regular fabric into something that will iron on
  248. Ideas for making Big Nate's hair?
  249. Homemade Christmas Gifts - That time of year!
  250. November Projects Thread