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  1. Clinton says voting McCain over Obama would be a mistake
  2. Edwards endorses Obama
  3. What do you think of a combined Obama/HRC ticket?
  4. Same-Sex Marriage Ban Overturned in California
  5. Did McCain really say this?
  6. No words....
  7. Parents sue metal bat maker for son's injuries
  8. Stress in pregnancy may increase risk of allergies...
  9. Javelin pierces photographer. (pic included)
  10. Sen. Ted Kennedy Has Malignant Brain Tumor, Doctors Say
  11. Woman breastfeeds 9 babies after quake
  12. Daughter, 5, of Christian Music Star Steven Curtis Chapman Killed by SUV Driven by Te
  13. There are no words.... a 2 year old boy :-(
  14. Child removed from home after mom listed on ebay...
  15. Japanese woman caught living in man's closet
  16. After Cesareans, Some See Higher Insurance Costs
  17. 3 Alarm Fire: Universal Studios CA....
  18. Hollywood wannabes - caught on tape
  19. Child swallows 30 magnets
  20. Salmonella outbreak in uncooked tomatoes
  21. AP announces Obama has enough delegates to clinch nomination
  22. Chicago one of 4 finalists to host Olympics in 2016!!
  23. It's official: People are generally boring
  24. Beware of Rampaging Elephants....
  25. Headlines so dramatic!
  26. Mom gives public punishment for bullying
  27. THe SUV is dead
  28. Just when I thought I was too paranoid -- dry drowning - Boys drowns in bed
  29. Infant dies after thrown by child in daycare
  30. "It's Malia and Sasha's Daddy!"
  31. Huckabee Helps Choking Candidate in NC
  32. So sad - a former student
  33. Enlighten me...
  34. Ovulation moment caught on camera
  35. Tornado just hit a Boy Scout Camp in Iowa
  36. And the effects have started
  37. WOW!!!!!!!
  38. Boy tied to tree by parents dies
  39. Iowa Updates
  40. My God - how they must have suffered
  41. BPA baby bottles are safe, says FDA official
  42. Gas situation
  43. Human Ovulation Caught on Video
  44. Man hit by train
  45. 17 Teens expecting after 'pregnancy pact'
  46. across the street from my neighboorhood... :(
  47. Twins born in NC weighing combined 23 pounds!
  48. Woman killed son by drinking and driving, went to bar after funeral
  49. Sad: Little bullies begin tormenting others early on
  50. Non-Twin Twins
  51. Animal horders
  52. Fragile X Syndrome - A Known Cause of Autism
  53. Baby cut from woman's womb
  54. Starbucks is closing 600 stores
  55. Gas Prices here...
  56. Ingrid Betancourt Freed
  57. horrible.. .
  58. Missing 12-year old girl's body found
  59. Gas Prices and American Elections...
  60. Pregnant "man" gives birth
  61. "Yes we can"
  62. 70 year old woman gives birth...
  63. Frozen Embryos Better than Fresh
  64. Sick, just sick!!!
  65. Son's Birth Brings Dad Back to Life
  66. Tony Snow dies
  67. Vote Right...
  68. Mugabe out of Monopoly money
  69. Woman sentenced in adoption fraud scheme
  70. What do you think of possible first ladies?
  71. Background TV is disruptive to kids
  72. Finally: Bay Area Housing is Dropping
  73. Woman gives birth at 59!
  74. Savage Stands by Autism Remarks
  75. Hair Extensions - Origin & Exploitation
  76. Missing Teen Tracked down after she...
  77. McCain's Ad
  78. Toddler burns feet at playground (good warning for playground users)
  79. Boy with Leukemia Marries before Succumbing to Disease
  80. It happened again!!!!
  81. Cousin's DH in sting
  82. Two 4 year olds sexually assulted, 5 year old accused...
  83. Obama's prayer
  84. Two killed in church shooting
  85. Puppy kills 2 month old left in swing
  86. Homes Distroyed by tornados: Rebuild without basements
  87. Delta Doubles 2nd Bag Fee **swearing**
  88. Air Guitarist Loses Toe
  89. Man decapitates passenger on Canadian Greyhound bus
  90. Pastor kills wife and puts her in freezer
  91. Border patrol can take laptop off-site for any length of time
  92. I might have to stop shopping Wal-Mart too
  93. The pill and IUD's are abortion????
  94. 1 year anniversary of bridge collapse - good story
  95. wow.
  96. Couple forgets 3 year old at Airport
  97. a Feral Child
  98. John Edwards admits to extramarital affair
  99. If you're not voting McCain/Obama....
  100. Casey Anthony - missing Tot Mom!
  101. Michael Phelps gets first gold...
  102. Isaac Hayes Dies...
  103. Study shows fertility treatments don't work
  104. Failing the cuteness test?!?!?
  105. Surrogate baby stuck in legal limbo
  106. Michael Phelps mania
  107. Neighbors unaware of man's family, trailer's squalor
  108. Obama Rocking Out!
  109. Pregnant NY traffic agent is hit, dies; baby lives
  110. Something good!
  111. Septuplets born!!
  112. Preschool party busted for noise!
  113. Stillborn baby comes back to life
  114. 85-year-old woman forces intruder to call cops
  115. China's Olympic ceremony features sacrifices
  116. "Sister" of beheaded murder victim steals money via donations
  117. Tylenol 3 a risk to breastfeeding babies
  118. Biden for VP?? Update! Biden is chosen!!!
  119. Non-vaxing fuels Measles return
  120. IOC orders investigation into He Kexin's age
  121. 4 people die from listeria outbreak in Canada
  122. Plot to kill Obama uncovered - 4 arrested
  123. Prostitution
  124. Stokes agrees to 14 year sentence
  125. Obama is the Official Nominee!
  126. Where to find the fine print?
  127. McCain Picks Palin for VP
  128. Who will you vote for?
  129. mark those calendars!
  130. 6yo girl finds abandoned baby
  131. Is Sarah Palin Trig's grandmother?
  132. Breaking news..Bristol is pregnant..
  133. some thoughts on the Palin nomination...
  134. Joseph Lieberman to speak at RNC tonight
  135. Palin says Iraq war is 'task from God'
  136. Bridge to Nowhere
  137. John McCain's mom
  138. McCain's acceptance speech
  139. Another Historic Day
  140. Little Caleigh Anthony
  141. Govtrack.us
  142. informational political websites?
  143. Palin fuses politics and motherhood in a new way
  144. Palin's Church
  145. Politics and friends
  146. Armstrong to return to cycling
  147. How do you vote?
  148. Hurricane Ike
  149. What do you think of this?
  150. 57 States?
  151. Estheticians see increase in 'baby waxing'
  152. Mom allegedly uses daughter's ID to be cheerleader
  153. I can't believe she said that! (Barbara Walters)
  154. [Sensitive topic] I've never been a woman to advocate violence but....
  155. I never knew this...
  156. What's UP with Obama?
  157. Black Monday?
  158. Poll regarding opposition of candidate
  159. FDA Hearing on Food Labels (allergies)
  160. McCain on GMA...
  161. Hilary Clinton says Palin is not vote-worthy
  162. Question for CMoms not living in U.S.
  163. Caylee Anthony
  164. Polling Question
  165. "White Privilege" (2nd article in original PLUS Bekah's essay pg. 2)
  166. Black 'issue'
  167. Ok, let's talk about issues...
  168. GOP senator: A 'stretch' to say Palin is qualified
  169. Sexism and the Campaign...
  170. Texting more dangerous than drugs/alcohol while driving
  171. Subprime Mortgage Mess 101
  172. Palin and Earmarks
  173. The Electoral College
  174. Nadar, Barr muscle onto ballots in most states
  175. What would a trillion dollars in health care do?
  176. Nashville gasoline shortage
  177. Another Poll on Race and the Election
  178. Travis Barker and DJ AM in a plane crash..
  179. Text of Draft Proposal for Bailout Plan
  180. Local Hockey Moms Weigh in (light-hearted)
  181. A thought-provoking quiz
  182. Town named Obama
  183. PETA Urges Ben & Jerry's To Use Human Milk
  184. Taxpayer's Dollars are going to go here....
  185. Those of you on the Election fence ONLY
  186. Did anyone see Palin on CBS with Couric?
  187. President Bush's Day
  188. Battery charge dropped in flatulence case
  189. Bailout
  190. article on spanking
  191. Women and work
  192. How much do you WANT to work?
  193. If the election were today: Vote- no posts
  194. Another Vote no post: If voting Obama/Biden
  195. another vote no post: If voting McCain/Palin
  196. Help enlighten me about this national healthcare issue
  197. Bank Runs and the FDIC
  198. Mother tasered with baby in arms
  199. Father leaves 9 children under Safe Haven Law
  200. Online tool estimates taxes under Obama and McCain
  201. Senator Kennedy taken to the hospital
  202. poor Jim Lehrer...
  203. All Hail the power of the cheesy soap opera!!
  204. For those against bailout...
  205. Emergency Economic Stabilization Act
  206. Matt Bryant buries son on Sat, kicks perfect game Sunday
  207. Bailout falls, Dow Tanks
  208. Critiquing "your" candidate...
  209. Same day registration and voting in Ohio
  210. Raise the FDIC to $250k?
  211. Sources for Education on the Financial Situation
  212. Interesting article on HIV maternity care in Toronto
  213. cool tech on new I-35 bridge
  214. Senate Vote?
  215. Foreign Investors to receive "Rescue" Money
  216. Electorial Map is Changing...
  217. Moderator of VP Debate
  218. Several car booster seats get poor marks - article and video
  219. Adding on to the Bailout bill?
  220. Steven Fossett's plane wreckage found!
  221. Watching tonight's debate? Added some small humor
  222. New Presidential Candidate... It's someone we know!
  223. Across the Country: Presidential Election
  224. Canadian political debate is on tonight
  225. Fact Checking on last night's debate
  226. Congress approved the Bailout
  227. What kind of precedence was set today? CA needs 700B too.
  228. Islanders who insisted on staying lost in Ike
  229. Woman shoots self over mortgage foreclosure
  230. Does Barack Obama speak for you?
  231. Peanut Butter Attack!
  232. Estate Taxes?
  233. Citigroup/Wells Fargo acquisition of Wachovia
  234. If Election were today: Who would you vote for? #2
  235. US citizens: Are you registered to vote? Are you SURE?
  236. And some say Racism isn't alive
  237. What does this mean? Can't find voter registration?
  238. Foreign Economists urge Global Plan
  239. Keating Economics
  240. Debate tomorrow night!
  241. Jobless Father Kills Family, Himself
  242. Article on current economic mess - brings up questions with no answers
  243. Tim Horton's expanding US operations!
  244. 3-year-old as new living goddess
  245. How to Ruin the U.S. Economy by Ben Stein
  246. Georgia turned pink?
  247. Letter from Senator Feingold re: bailout bill
  248. Anyone want to talk health care plans?
  249. Beau of woman stuck on toilet wins lottery again
  250. Karl Denninger: Time is Up Congress