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  1. Barak Obama loses election
  2. Fed lends an additional $38b to AIG
  3. MD police put activists' names on terror lists
  4. Obama/Brad Pitt - Palin/Princess Diana and Pres Roosevelt?
  5. The issue of the War in Iraq...
  6. If the election were today...
  7. Bond Market Dislocation
  8. WOW!
  9. Palinn abused powers of office
  10. Canada's Do Not Call Registry
  11. Fun Game: Find Out Who Really Represents You.
  12. AAP recommends doubling kids' Vit. D intake
  13. newest "jib-jab"
  14. Record Rise
  15. New Electoral Map...
  16. It is voting day!! Canadians be counted!!
  17. Casey Anthony indicted on Murder Charges
  18. Doll Delivers Islamic Message??
  19. Marriage amendment
  20. Father Secretly Names Newborn Sarah McCain Palin
  21. Bottled Water
  22. Identical Triplets born
  23. Anyone watching the debate right now?
  24. No Obama/McCain supporters to vote please....Debate ?
  25. Meet Joe the Plumber
  26. Will Obama's health care plan hurt my son?
  27. AAAH!!! Political frustration with DH.
  28. British Man Sentenced to Prison for Hacking Wife to Death Over Facebook Status
  29. Poor students!
  30. Hawaii ends universal health care coverage-article included
  31. Powell endorses Obama
  32. Post Secret postcard
  33. MI Proposal: Legalize Marijuana for medical use
  34. Dead bear covered with Obama signs found at school
  35. Bush to *possibly* support another Econimic Stimulus plan...
  36. Explosion in KC, FBI called in to investigate.
  37. Obama canceling appearances
  38. Obama's Election Night: Grant Park in Chicago
  39. Majority of States Now in Recession
  40. Man find Racial Slur on Receipt
  41. Electric car plan!
  42. McCain supporter robbed, assaulted
  43. US cmoms- how 'into' election are you?
  44. 7 Killer whales missing from Puget Sound pods
  45. House Democrats Contemplate Abolishing 401(k) Tax Breaks
  46. Next Economic Bubble
  47. 8 year old killed at gun show... *strong language*
  48. Media's Presidential Bias and Decline
  49. ONLY if you've already voted!
  50. Obama-Biden Tax Calculator
  51. Didn't Obama agree to public funding?
  52. 250?200?150?
  53. AP Fact Check Article re: Obama's Infomercial
  54. Interesting tax articles I came across
  55. Is it 250K or top 5%? (edited with link that provides answer/clarity)
  56. Early voting turnout record in Tennessee
  57. Bradley Effect and Bandwagon Effect
  58. Barack Obama lays plans to deaden expectation after election victory
  59. McCain could lose his home state
  60. Early Voting could cost McCain Florida
  61. Obama up in Key States
  62. Poll shows Palin increasingly hurting McCain
  63. Independent clarification of tax issue
  64. Would like honest opinions of Obama supporters on these 2 events
  65. Obama=Robin Hood?
  66. Question for Obama supporters only
  67. Since we are discussing today - Palin's association with Alaska successionist group
  68. any other libertarians?
  69. ToT shooting
  70. Third party candidates and their election effect
  71. Pros & Cons
  72. The undecided few, perplexed or indifferent
  73. Palin duped by pranksters
  74. Time.com: A Poll that is probably, most definitely accurate...
  75. Interesting quotes from Meet the Press
  76. Commentary: Candidates should release more health records
  77. what your vote is worth
  78. If you're NOT going to vote...
  79. I love this!
  80. Military moms -Help me understand this proposal!!!!
  81. Independence Party
  82. Newsweek cover story: The Economy
  83. I'm embarassed to ask, but
  84. Obama's grandmother dies after battle with cancer
  85. newspaper endorsements - interesting map
  86. Nate is voting...
  87. Free Stuff for Voting!!!
  88. Wow - I just watched Obama vote
  89. Parents of Minn. 7-year-old find methamphetamine in his Halloween candy
  90. Paper or electronic?
  91. Share your voting stories here!
  92. Voting weirdness
  93. Voting Hotline -- 866-Our-Vote
  94. Black Panthers intimidating at Philadelphia polling place
  95. The Onion from 2001: clairvoyant?
  96. Glad I'm not in a major city right now
  97. Can you vote...
  98. Voting without privacy?
  99. Voting Obstacles
  100. Why electoral college?
  101. NYC, voting beautifully
  102. Amendment 2
  103. Spin off of Amendment 2: good news!
  104. CA girls: How's prop 8?
  105. Election night
  106. McCain's Concession Speech...
  107. I don't get it...
  108. FTR, my second uncle was on the ballot...
  109. Lets guess the puppy breed!
  110. Regardless of which candidate you supported/voted for...
  111. Thank you America!
  112. Very interesting behind the scenes info from Newsweek
  113. Republicans Look for Rising Stars to Shape Party's Future
  114. So what do you think of the Dems' advantage?
  115. The 'plight' of the "Obama Mama"
  116. Possible names surface for Obama's administration
  117. The "mutt" comment
  118. Blake will be so proud!!!!
  119. Missing Child Found
  120. Potential additional bailout
  121. Commentary: GOP should ask why U.S. is on the wrong track
  122. Powdered milk helps kids overcome milk allergy
  123. PriceWaterhouseCoopers analysis of healthcare plan
  124. Why U.S. is On the Wrong Track - Ron Paul
  125. Time to rescue America's retirement plans
  126. Call me clueless...
  127. Stocks skid on news gov't won't buy banks' assets
  128. U.S. launches new mortgage aid program
  129. OK, Chicago... tell me who you prepare for mass layoffs??
  130. Again?
  131. 'Meh' Added to Dictionary
  132. Liberals promise to pay for fertility treatment
  133. Queen's cancels Homecoming!
  134. Tragic reminder (sensitive)
  135. Al-Qaida insults Obama
  136. List of stores closing.... verified by snopes
  137. We had a meteor hit our city!! *update with video link!*
  138. INSANE ballots!!!
  139. Surge In Egg Donors, Surrogate Moms Amid Downturn
  140. NYC Churches Ordered Not To Shelter Homeless
  141. Joggers Beware (possibly sensitive to some)
  142. HRC as Sec of State
  143. Traces of Melamie found in US Formula
  144. WTF is wrong with people?
  145. New Genetic Test Asks Which Sport a Child Was Born to Play
  146. Why we need to increase the deficit
  147. Obama wins the thoughtful husband award.
  148. To all my Canadian friends...
  149. Cold Climate CMoms:Check your furnaces/gas appliances/vents (tragic situation)
  150. Bratz are banned?
  151. Possible coalition...good or bad?
  152. Mortgage article
  153. Finally (O.J Simpson)!!!!!!!!
  154. Scary and sad...
  155. Obama Citizenship questioned again....
  156. Couple ticketed on way to give birth
  157. Bush's new neighborhood barred non-whites until 2000
  158. Another proud moment in Illinois history
  159. Canada is officially in a recession
  160. Auto bailout
  161. more caylee anthony saga. :(
  162. Fed: Households Cut Back on Their Debt Levels
  163. Switched Prop leads to slit throat
  164. Sarah Palin Church Fire
  165. Shoe toss
  166. Breast Cancer Revelation
  167. Uk News: Virus Grips Britain
  168. Cake request for 3-year-old Hitler namesake denied
  169. Colorado doctor finds foot in newborn's brain
  170. Rick Warren to give Invocation at Obama's Inauguration
  171. The Umpteenth Duggar Baby is Here
  172. Protestor Pays Property Taxes in Coins
  173. Skeletal remains identified as Caylee Anthony
  174. Would-be Good Samaritan can be sued
  175. Saudi court rejects divorce plea from EIGHT-year-old girl married to 58-year-old man
  176. Remember my friends who's DD had E.Coli last year?
  177. Magic Hockey Helmet(kid's perspective on adult's behaviour)
  178. Sarah Palin Calendar - Privacy question NOT political
  179. Isreal Attacks Gaza in response to rocket attacks
  180. Super cool! Airtight houses need no furnace!
  181. 14lb baby born in CA
  182. Do you have a question for Obama?
  183. That is one big baby!!
  184. American politic question
  185. Smoking ban leads to major drop in heart attacks
  186. OK Boy Dies When Shot by Christmas Pistol
  187. Et tu, Bill Richardson?
  188. Lead ban in clothing
  189. Minnesota meet your new senator!!!
  190. Man arrested in Ohio momís murder, sonís abduction
  191. Bizarre January Weather!
  192. German police foil young lovers!
  193. Obama names pick for chief performance officer
  194. PORN INDUSTRY bailout???
  195. He's been Impeached! *update...it's official*
  196. Sex offender wins $0.5M in lottery to benefit sex abuse victims
  197. Baby born 2 days after mom declared brain dead
  198. A heart warming story
  199. When dumb gets dupped....
  200. Curiouser and Curiouser
  201. Obama's Open leter to his girls
  202. Interesting behavioural study
  203. Citizens offer up concerns to President
  204. Bush using federal emergency funds for Inaugeration?
  205. US Airways flight down
  206. Utility decoupling, energy czars, and the media
  207. For those of you who DO eat PB
  208. do you think ...
  209. Michelle Obama's official bio
  210. USAirways sends $5000 to passengers
  211. Trials for Parents Who Chose Faith Over Medicine
  212. How do you admit that you don't love your own child?!
  213. Baby pushed buttons in dope discovery
  214. decapitation at virginia tech
  215. Ten Year old boys temper tantrum....
  216. What do you think of the US economic stimulus plan?
  217. 7+1=8 babies + 6 more 14 TOTAL**UPDATE PAGE 4**
  218. Dear Rod,
  219. Lest we get too caught up...
  220. Peanut Plant Had History of Health Lapses - even worse update in OP
  221. Family Murder-Suicide *edited first post*
  222. Utter madness!
  223. Here it comes
  224. Man, 93, Freezes to Death in Home
  225. U.S. recession fuels crime rise, police chiefs say
  226. House Bill 645
  227. They've earned my respect!
  228. Army suicides at record high
  229. Making a break for it.....(light relief)
  230. White House: Daschle Had 'Tax Issues,' Shouldn't Bar His Cabinet Confirmation
  231. KPD investigating death of 7-month-old boy
  232. Thousands protest across - EDIT - LIST - Global financial crisis sparks unrest
  233. JonBenet case reopened!
  234. Obama to impose salary caps
  235. The sad effects of a heatwave
  236. Now this I would like to see...
  237. Upgraded seatbelt law for Minnesota!
  238. Botched Abortion in Florida *warning...sensitive*
  239. so expensive in NY
  240. 'Welcome to Falluja. Please Go Home.í
  241. Thank God for Elvis
  242. 100 Fisherman Rescued
  243. gay woman not allowed to visit her dying partner
  244. Fires in Australia
  245. Speaking of the Grammys...
  246. MMR doctor Andrew Wakefield fixed data on autism
  247. Kidnapped siblings found after 20 years!
  248. HHS candidate Bredesen best known for health care cuts
  249. School Lunch Program Issues
  250. Commuter Jet crashes in Buffalo