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  1. Father at 13, Mother at 15
  2. Summing up Aussie spirit
  3. What lesson does this teach?
  4. Islamic law to be imposed in parts of Pakistan
  5. Bizarre love, uh... Hexagon?
  6. Sportsmanship at it's best
  7. Spray on pill!
  8. More Dads Influence Daughters’ Career Paths
  9. man charged 3 times!
  10. U.S. to pledge $900 million for Gaza rebuild
  11. Maple Leaf has 2nd recall!
  12. David Cameron's (British Opposition Leader) Six-Year Old Son Dies
  13. Breastfeeding while driving...um...duh?
  14. 15 yr old girl beaten in police custody
  15. Unbelieveable.... relief being denied to fire survivors
  16. "curing" cancer
  17. 911 - It's an emergency
  18. Pres. Obama Gets a Rainbow Play System
  19. Senate Moves to Loan FDIC $500 Billion
  20. Banks' future woes in one word: plastic
  21. Bristol Palin and Fiance break up
  22. Children served Windshield Wiper Fluid at Daycare
  23. Overparenting article
  24. I don't even know what they should do to these people
  25. Congress threatens to tax AIG executives' bonuses
  26. 3-year-old killed in car accident
  27. Brazilians banned in N.J.!!!
  28. $1 trillion deficits seen for next 10 years
  29. Manufacturers move to ban drop-side cribs
  30. Outback Steakhouse
  31. Strip-Search of Girl Tests Limit of School Policy
  32. U.S. seeks expanded power to seize firms
  33. Tax Day Tea Parties
  34. The Conficker worm
  35. MSNBC Article re: Circumcision
  36. Snow may hamper search for missing Neb. family
  37. Fannie, Freddie worker bonuses total $210M
  38. What is wrong with people???
  39. One determined dog!
  40. Vermont legalizes gay marriage
  41. Sad update to missing girl case
  42. Possible moral issue...what do you think?
  43. Amber Alert in my town!
  44. Some Detroit Public Schools closing?
  45. Its not baby fat
  46. 4 Measles Cases in Maryland
  47. Two Women, Two babies, One Family
  48. Texans, get your passports ready
  49. Miss Australia
  50. Town Hall for Hope
  51. Cost effectiveness of homemade pantry staples...
  52. Swine flu - worried?
  53. Holy Party Switch, Batman!!
  54. Vitamin D - Does it hold the key to our immune systems?
  55. Really, come on, there are no more important court cases to cover????
  56. 33 y/o woman possible H1N1 death
  57. In my town
  58. Drew Peterson Indicted
  59. Rude Kids? Parents' focus on building self-esteem may neglect compassion for others
  60. Possible changes for healthcare
  61. the dad killed them all!
  62. Mother gives birth to twins with two different dads
  63. Interesting article on why autism affects boys more than girls
  64. Mike Tyson's daugther in serious accident *Update Pg 2 -- She passed*
  65. Disgusting different form of child abuse
  66. Man dies saving child
  67. Canadians and Tim Horton'sT
  68. Air France Flight Vanishes
  69. OMG, I think I am going to be sick... *sensitive*
  70. David Carradine found dead. Suicide suspected.
  71. 4 month old thrown from car in accident
  72. Local father sentenced *very sensitive*
  73. Baby's car death tragic lesson for all parents
  74. Unreal local story...
  75. Vitamin D & Pregnancy
  76. FDA flags psychiatric risks of asthma drugs
  77. Senior denied diploma
  78. Horrible freak accident takes a teen's life
  79. Shutting Detroit Down
  80. Anti-Smoking Bill
  81. Tattoos/piercings (to each their own, but.....)
  82. Ed McMahon passed away
  83. Canadian terrorists at it again....
  84. Parkersburg Iowa Coach killed
  85. Now this is a little scary....
  86. Woman pleads guilty in drunken breast feeding case
  87. Dr Jerri FItzGerald has died....
  88. This is awful!
  89. New Observation Deck at the Sears Tower
  90. OMG
  91. Palin Quits
  92. Nooooooo!!!!!....
  93. Air New Zealand
  94. Is anyone watching the Michael Jackson Tribute?
  95. Not to be disrespectful of his death, but...
  96. For anyone who's ever been angry at United
  97. You Really Don't Know People Sometimes....
  98. Black Camp Kids Asked To Leave Pool
  99. Way to go Jon!
  100. Stupid idiots
  101. Unbelievably horrific - new details July 14
  102. Southwest Airlines
  103. Hey, canadians! question about healthcare...
  104. How sad :-(
  105. Mother of triplets charged in murder of one baby
  106. It takes a village...
  107. Seriously ???
  108. Jon Gosselin and the new Publicist
  109. American Idol contestant
  110. Potato peeler fracas
  111. Woman killed for fetus - UPDATE in OP
  112. Interesting Perspective on Global Warming
  113. Why the rush?
  114. Teen Injures 4 in Crash
  115. Tanning Beds as Deadly as Arsenic
  116. Cnn: How to save your marriage from your kids
  117. 7year old caught on tape driving car (70km/hr)
  118. LA Fitness Shooting (Pittsburgh, PA)
  119. Director John Hughes dies
  120. Baby wakes at own funeral
  121. Interviewed by the police . . .
  122. Woman pregnant with twelve babies!
  123. This daycare better NOT get approval
  124. Girl, kidnapped at 11, found alive 18 years later
  125. Not the way you want to get into the news...
  126. Some Duggar Math for you...
  127. Mother Forgives Man Who Allegedly Slapped Her Child
  128. A local death
  129. if this doesn't help you kick your pepsi addiction...
  130. boy cries blood?? freaky.
  131. Politics aside, it's EXACTLY the speech kids need to hear
  132. Furloughs...
  133. Questions about this US public insurance stuff
  134. A truly inspiring story
  135. Political Back and Forth
  136. Single Dose of H1N1 Should Be Enough
  137. South African Track Star
  138. Louisiana Murder-Suicide
  139. H1N1 Vaccine investigation on CBS Washington Unplugged
  140. Obama's education policy
  141. Double parental leave benefits for parents of twins
  142. a tax on sugary drinks
  143. Absolutely horrifying and disgusting!
  144. Woman implanted with wrong embryo at in-vitro
  145. Plague related death in the US
  146. New Light on the Plight of Winter Babies
  147. World First: Vaccine Helps Prevent HIV Infection
  148. I think we can all agree
  149. Woman gives birth to 19.2 lb baby
  150. Elem students taught Obama "praise" songs
  151. Washington lifts ban on mercury in swine flu vaccine
  152. Is there a Chili's near you? Eat today 9/28 - they donate to St. Judes!
  153. longer school days/ shorter breaks
  154. unlicensed daycare? or just a friend helping out.
  155. Could you support a candidate who hadn't voted?
  156. Tsunami in south pacific
  157. State to mom: Stop baby-sitting neighbors' kids
  158. Long Island adoption fraud
  159. Six sets of twins and two sets of triplets are in one kindergarten class
  160. Big News on Campus- Ardi
  161. WTF!!!!! unattended child found ~no parent is claiming
  162. Elizabeth Smart's Testimony
  163. Not a lot of sympathy for US Dad jailed in Japan
  164. Whoopi GOldberg - Not "rape-rape"
  165. Eeek... that's a bummer...
  166. Supreme Court back in session
  167. Girl, 13, rode in cardboard box on top of minivan.....
  168. Deadly bug lives on kids' toys (MRSA)
  169. Chicago violence linked to school districting?
  170. Canadian cmoms
  171. Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize
  172. Spike In US Child Swine Flu Deaths
  173. fatties killing the mitten industry, oh noes
  174. The Govt Uses Facebook
  175. OMG! A 6-year-old boy climbed into a hot-air balloon aircraft and floated away
  176. Interracial couple denied marriage license by JOP in Louisiana
  177. A baby stroller rolls onto train track!!
  178. H1N1 to cause power outages?
  179. Yosemite Valley Bears Target Minivans
  180. Swine Flu Vaccine Shortage - Why?
  181. What are those underlying conditions, anyway?
  182. Mother and 2-year old kicked off Southwest flight
  183. Hospitalized Children Without Insurance Are More Likely to Die, a Study Finds
  184. Gay Marriage Defeated in Maine
  185. Anti Gay Marriage Commerical
  186. Alberta health official fired over Calgary Flames getting special flu vaccine
  187. Everything but Marriage
  188. Shootings at Fort Hood
  189. Ewww...
  190. Seriously.... website for married spouses to find affairs!
  191. Could we discuss H.R. 3962?
  192. A Hero Comes Home
  193. NASA discovers a "significant" amount of water on the moon!
  194. Very cool article about shark skin and bacteria
  195. Body of 5 year old missing girl is found
  196. Child Food Allergies on the Rise in U.S.
  197. Thoughts on the Palin Newsweek Cover?
  198. I can hardly read the news anymore
  199. NPR Story Corps today (death of a child mentioned)...
  200. 11 year old girl gives birth... WTF??
  201. Toddler falls and dies in Toronto airport
  202. Nursing Moses: Moms step in after infant's mother dies
  203. Global Warming Scandal Makes Scientific Progress More Difficult, Experts Say
  204. Ontario's HST
  205. Tiger Woods admits to affairs
  206. It happened...
  207. Woman drives car into Crouch Florist sign; unrestrained infant in car
  208. Why does the American media...(Knox case)
  209. Massive Recall of H1N1 (children's) vaccine
  210. Grenade on a bus....
  211. Did Sec. State Hillary Clinton Meet with Santa?
  212. Catholics required and ordered to kneel!
  213. Almost a tragedy
  214. Urban Meyer Stepping Down as Florida Coach
  215. Mom Fails to Give Up Child to Ex-Partner
  216. Any news on Josie Duggar?
  217. 2012 - What do you believe?
  218. Richard Heene Today Show interview
  219. Labor angry over Obama-backed insurance tax
  220. 4 YO boy suspended (since Nov) for long hair-Pic and updated link
  221. Skewed China birth rate to leave 24 million men single.
  222. Race to the Top (Obama's first education program)
  223. Is it Ethical to Vacation in Haiti Right Now?
  224. thank you Jeremy Johnson
  225. U.S. researchers find new clue to infant deaths
  226. faith healing trial...
  227. School safety and climate article
  228. Canadian military man charged with murders
  229. Asperger's Officially Placed Inside Autism Spectrum
  230. i just unwillingly saw
  231. 49 States dusted with snow
  232. This really bothered me!
  233. This is the life!!!!! 102 years old!
  234. FDA calls for limits on asthma drugs
  235. The most sickening story ever - pediatrician arrested for child molestation
  236. thought you'd all appreciate this . . .
  237. massive earthquake in Chile..
  238. Earthquake tilted our Axis?
  239. Justice for Ed Thomas....Iowa Coach
  240. Whale attack at SeaWorld -
  241. Local story regarding anti-Catholic materials
  242. Gene site found for children's food allergy
  243. Mississippi high school cancells Prom
  244. For a different Catholic school perspective
  245. YAY Ellen!!!!
  246. Congress Clears Historic Health Care Bill
  247. re:health care plan - who is going to take care of all these people?
  248. education bill in Illinois (4 day school week)
  249. Ann Coulter cancels presentation in Ottawa because of protests...
  250. Has it really come to this?