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  1. General Rules of Discussing Current Events
  2. Brain-damaged foster child may have eaten baking soda UPDATE
  3. OMG Toddler found playing on HIGHWAY
  4. Embryo Bank Sparks Debate
  5. Angelina Jolie as the Virgin Mary of Wal-mart?!
  6. New Stem Cell Source
  7. Turkish Women in Germany Lose an Advocate
  8. Womb Transplants could solve infertility
  9. Colombian woman nurses animals back to health
  10. "High School Teacher Quits After Drinking Party (Sommer, SF)"
  11. Scorpian's on planes!!
  12. Explain this to me PLEASE!
  13. student spikes teacher's water with acid
  14. Are you watching the President's Speech?
  15. Doesn't This Sound A Little Apocalyptic??
  16. The girl who fell to earth
  17. Explosion at the US Embassy in Greece
  18. Sargeant in trouble after Playboy photo shoot
  19. FDA warns about cough and cold remedies.
  20. Pelosi's hypocrisy on wage bill
  21. "Call me nuts, but ...."
  22. This broke my heart
  23. Woman pleads guilty to breast milk poisoning.
  24. What on Earth...drink named Cocaine??
  25. And baby makes 7
  26. 2 Missing Boys found alive and unhurt!!!!
  27. now this is a prank....
  28. He'll NEVER hear the end of this
  29. The Gift that keeps on giving died Friday.
  30. Aneurysm induced in dog sparks USDA inquiry
  31. Mother puts 11month old in oven....
  32. O.J.: Chapter is not a murder confession
  33. "Saddam aides hanged, anger at beheading "mishap""
  34. "Teen wants armor, sword in his yearbook photo *Update* Pg 2"
  35. father decapitates 4-yr old daughter
  36. Good news! Hiker found after 5 weeks in NM
  37. Man arrested after taking a picture with his phone
  38. Uterus Transplant May Enable Pregnancy
  39. 51% of Women Are Now Living Without Spouse
  40. "C-sections on rise, but can be dangerous"
  41. Obama in 2008??
  42. Woman dies after winning radio contest....
  43. Chimp pregnant despite vasectomies
  44. Hillary - Yay or Boo?
  45. Please don't ever do this in the snow...
  46. Why no woman President
  47. Ear Tubes Not Always Needed.
  48. Father shoots newborn with BB gun
  49. Woman Injects Cooking Oil for Fat Treatment
  50. 13 year old girl kept locked in room for 2 years
  51. "triplets born @ home in tuttle, nd"
  52. Consumer Reports retracts infant car seat study
  53. no way.
  54. Ted Nugent fired up GOP (but not in a good way)
  55. Frozen Embryo rescued from Hurrican Katrina....
  56. Spoiled Rich girl throws tantrum
  57. No Spank Bill for California - SCARY
  58. Wild Cambodia Jungle-Girl Found
  59. Adulterers Could Face Life In Prison
  60. STUDENT stabbed to death this AM in a HS *UPDATE*
  61. Bottled Water really from the tap?!
  62. Pregnant Girls Gone Insane
  63. Top Ten Happy Stories of 2006 *update* links to condor pic
  64. Egg test to predict fertility
  65. What next?
  66. My hometown--how sad!
  67. Gravity still works
  68. More "Good things to read"
  69. What th- QUACK!
  70. Mother induces birth so husband can watch Bears game
  71. Temporary "enjoyment" marriages back in Iraq
  72. Bangor Makes It Illegal to Smoke in Cars
  73. A $500 fine? Outlaw the "n" word?
  74. girl kicked off plane after tantrum....
  75. Land shark
  76. two-year left at station with dad still on bus
  77. Strange Canadian Law caused people to lose Status
  78. China's "one-child" rule stays despite gender imba
  79. Homebirth of Triplets Surprise!!!
  80. Microwave experiements cause disasters!
  81. School Requires Silence at Lunch Time
  82. "When mountain lion attacks, spouse fights back"
  83. Ga. Teens Admit to Killing Dog in Oven *sensitive*
  84. Baggy pants trip up robbery suspect
  85. Huge python makes meal out of 11 guard dogs
  86. Man arrested in Philly for abuse....
  88. Recycled water... hard to swallow?
  89. Gypsy type thefts reported in paper....
  90. Barbaro is euthanized
  91. Dead Man's Family Gets OK to Use Sperm
  92. Teen uses Bubble Wrap to aid amputees
  93. Meijer offers free antibiotics!
  94. Yoga in Schools
  95. Moderate Caffeine OK for Pregnant Moms
  96. Crash kills poor children's 'angel'
  97. SWEET- fat-fighting marijuana drug
  98. Village found near Stonehenge.
  99. Harry Potter Goes Nude ...
  100. Brazil women has 17 lbs baby
  101. "Porn case sees new level of allegations.....(sick,sick,sick)"
  102. Food or lewd? Breast-feeding opens divide [article]
  103. high school to expand alcohol testing.....
  104. Mysterious ice chunk smashes car
  105. At leat 4 dead in WV gas station explosion
  106. Time out better than spanking for naughty kids
  107. Merck wants law requiring HPV vaccine
  108. identical twin sisters give birth on the same day
  109. Paris to become 'City of Bikes'
  110. "Naked, greased student interrupts lunch"
  111. ban on lightbulbs
  112. Bill would fine parents who skip school conferences
  113. Child dies of flu
  114. Sex Offender wins Lottery
  115. Pig abuse in OH (on farm)
  116. Change in DayLight Savings Time??
  117. "Cops Ignored Pleas for Help, Baby Died Next Day"
  118. Russian Shock at Gagged Babies (WARNING)
  119. 14-pound baby causes sensation in Mexico
  120. U.S. family-oriented job policies weak
  121. Orange snow!
  122. Woman Becomes Quadruple Amputee After Giving Birth
  123. Getting buff in the buff
  124. Pregnant fan going to the Super Bowl thanks to belly
  125. Elderly woman found in impounded car
  126. "Teen chased in vehicle, crashes, kills innocent man"
  127. Crash victim says dog saved her life
  128. "Building a Memorial to a Son, One Child at a Time"
  129. This is interesting ...an article on global warming...
  130. this is where we are headed...
  131. Dad used stun gun on toddler
  132. Tragic story here close to home
  133. Astronaut arrested in alleged kidnap attempt
  134. Eternal Embrace
  135. Have a child in 3 years or you marriage Annulled????
  136. Wine on playdates?
  137. Dad poisoned kids' soup to get $ from Campbell's
  138. Prescriptions Get Closer Look In Girl's Murder
  139. Guy wanted to propose on commercial during Super Bowl...
  140. Anna Nicole is dead
  141. "Dad knocked out toddler, left her to die outside in cold"
  142. Police: Mom gave teen a gun for revenge slaying
  143. Global Pedophile Hunt Launched
  144. father wants to force preteen to have non-medical circ.
  145. Beauty's 'Beast' at Disney's Magic Kingdom Arrested for...
  146. Teen brothers cook puppy in oven
  147. Vote for Missouri's Licence Plates (need not be from MO!)
  148. Sen. Obama Launches White House Bid
  149. AMA wants "R" rating for movies with smoking
  150. Mother sentenced after letting HIV+ boyfriend molest kids
  151. Howard and Obama; US and Australian relations damaged?
  152. 10-year old charged with assault and battery
  153. Possible problems with rotovirus vaccine
  154. Army Giving More Waivers in Recruiting
  155. Whaling vessel on fire
  156. Stowaway Squirrel Grounds Jet!
  157. So much for "The Great American Chocolate Bar"
  158. Tim Hardaway says he hates 'gay people'
  159. Teacher Convicted of Having Students Undress...
  160. Men Hard-Wired to Ignore Their Wives!
  161. "A New Condom in Town, This One Named ‘NYC’"
  162. this is different...
  163. Amazing story - first hand
  164. British Soldier's Postcard 92 Years Late
  165. Fish During Pregnancy
  166. Duckling Born with 4 Legs
  167. Young boy looking to enter World Records.
  168. Autism Breakthrough
  169. Kelly Osbourne reveals relative with HIV
  170. Lightbulbs revisited
  171. "With One Word, Children’s Book Sets Off Uproar"
  172. Miracle 284 gram baby to go home from hospital
  173. New Jersey: Civil Unions for gay couples
  174. Rescuer credits dog with saving climbers
  175. Clean the snow & ice off your cars because...
  176. Woman Gets 15 Years for Starving Son
  177. Proper carseat installation protects baby in 100 ft plunge
  178. Message to travelers: Beware of new scam
  179. 9-yr-old girl threatens gun - My DD's Elementary School!
  180. Interesting Autism article about adult living with autism
  181. 39 foot 990 pdcolossal squid found
  182. China treats net addicts with electro-shock therapy
  183. Prince Harry Will Be Deployed to Iraq
  184. U.S. Is Sued Over Position on Marijuana
  185. UK and Denmark reducing troops in Iraq
  186. Presidential race - why does faith matter?
  187. sick.
  188. Foster mother gets 54 years in toddler’s death
  189. Principal Buys Crack in Middle School Office
  190. Amber Alert In Florida
  191. Another nursing Mom told to "stop"..............
  192. Rats Run Wild in NY KFC
  193. Students Break Teacher's Neck Over I-Pod
  194. **Wince**
  195. Mum may lose obese son
  196. Mother coached children to fake retardation
  197. Possible Tomb of Jesus Found?
  198. Sorority Accused Of Being Skin Deep
  199. Road Rage Case Involves Cup of Coffee
  200. Jury Duty used as excuse for "Fill and Flee"
  201. Al Gore's Energy Use is Own Inconvenient Truth
  202. How not to talk to your kids
  203. In the interest of fairness GWB's Energy use...
  204. Miracle Baby Back From The Dead
  205. Prince Charles: Ban the Big Mac
  206. "Brother, Sister Had 4 kids, Fight Incest Laws"
  207. Kidnapped Teen's Safety Pin Escape!
  208. Vanity On The Rise In College Students
  209. Warning to parents: eSpintheBottle.com
  210. The Reluctant Co-Sleepers
  211. New Credit Card rule regarding Gas Fill Ups??
  212. Hottie Bandits Hit Bank
  213. Off to buy some ice cream!
  214. "D.C. Madame to Sell 10,000 Phone Records of High-End Washing"
  215. Principal Charged With Selling Meth From School Office
  216. Angelina Jolie plans to adopt Vietnamese child
  217. Greenhouse Effect A Myth Say Some Scientists
  218. Children's Cold Medicines Ineffective and/or Possibly Dangerous
  219. Father to Toddler: Now Stab Your Mother
  220. Some things just won't die!
  221. School Shooting
  222. Woman sues Dr for cost of Child Rearing after failed abortion
  223. Man Burns Genitals in 'Jackass' Stunt
  224. Mom charged extra for bm at daycare
  225. 6th Graders engaged in Sexual Activity at School
  226. Glass Walkway over Grand Canyon
  227. 400 lb 7 year old Girl
  228. Kidnapped Texas Newborn Found Alive
  229. Mayans to Cleanse Site After Visit By Bush
  230. 2008 Tax Deadline: April 17
  231. German Man Saws House In Two During Divorce
  232. Wonderful, heartbreaking (infant loss article)
  233. The sweetest article
  234. Girl's Hair Too Big For Mug Shot
  235. FDA Warns: Sleeping pills can cause "Sleep-Driving"
  236. 6-Year-Old Spent 2 Days With Dead Father
  237. Ebay Auction for Reward Money??
  238. Sick effing bastards
  239. Pair Sentenced for Sex in Front of Girl
  240. Woman upgraded to 1st Class after dying in Coach
  241. Officials failed to alert police about HIV man
  242. Boy Puts Urine in Teacher's Coffee Pot
  243. 3 charged in missing GA's boy's death
  244. Lawsuit: Clinic used Wrong Sperm
  245. Elizabeth Edwards's cancer is back
  246. *Update* Contaminated Food Still on Shelves
  247. 4yo overdosed by parents (sad)
  248. Emaciated boy, age 4, "looked like newborn"
  249. Now scientists create a sheep that's 15% human
  250. Father and 4 kids found dead in their house