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  1. "The" talk...
  2. In trouble at school
  3. Q words
  4. It Sucks!
  5. Stubborn!!
  6. My son--the school skipper
  7. Her Best Colors
  8. She Kissed a Boy.....And she liked it?!?!?
  9. AAAAAAGGGHHHHHH! Sleep Issues Continue
  10. For those who use 5-point boosters 5 yrs +
  11. ECE ladies, I need your help. Garrett's teacher has approached me 3 times.
  12. UGH the drama!!!! Need advice before I go mental!!!!
  13. Elementary Dismissal Question
  14. Small update, pg 2: Would you choose a farther away school?
  15. Summer "curriculum" for a 5-year-old?
  16. WHAT did you just say!?!
  17. How did I end up with these mouthy little brats?
  18. Drawing people, not so thrilled with the teacher
  19. Writing in mirror reverse
  20. Tee Ball equipment
  21. Hockey Moms?
  22. preschool worksheets? (Free & Online)
  23. She gets jokes now
  24. Sudden bed wetting
  25. Can you imagine?!
  26. I think I lost her homework!
  27. 5/6 year olds- mean girls!
  28. PE class MOVIE - my head might explode
  29. I just got a call from Jack's school.
  30. Things are getting really strange...
  31. Ugh! She told me it was show and tell day!
  32. Would you send your kid??
  33. Good Websites for a 6 year old?
  34. WWYD? Charter or continue Public school for Kindergarten?
  35. Kindergarten Registration tomorrow!!!!
  36. Magnet School Lottery Draw Tomorrow **Update!**
  37. New ideas needed
  38. Retention Slots?
  39. Hey mom.. that chinese guy is on..
  40. Reading
  41. Full day, half day, AM/PM????
  42. Learning system for 4 1/2 yr old
  43. Teacher Appreciation Day/Week *Another question p1*
  44. I think the gig is up soon . . .
  45. Teaching kids to catch a ball??
  46. Anyone's DD en pointe? (updated w/ picture)
  47. All of a sudden not liking school...
  48. Homework help
  49. Earth Day
  50. Split grades
  51. Calista wants a sister...
  52. Bummed DS didn't "get in" to Univ. K
  53. How many of you have to get your kids off the crack?
  54. What is the difference between DRA and Guided Reading Levels?
  55. What is the best way to handle this situation?
  56. Missing school for fun
  57. Can they make us put him in 1st grade?
  58. Do you know what your teachers get paid?
  59. The "know it all" stage!!!
  60. How do you react/discipline when you child gets into trouble at school?
  61. Ungrateful
  62. Awwwww man....
  63. FUNNY: Garrett's feelings on God and Jesus
  64. Sleep and the 5 year old
  65. spin-off: when do they start sleeping in?
  66. Grrrrrr....
  67. So many forms!
  68. Enrichment for advanced students?
  69. I am struggling
  70. My Drama King
  71. She acts like she hates me...
  72. My Mother--by Elijah
  73. DS is SUCH a guy
  74. Disgusted :(
  75. Tribes
  76. ? for OT re: pointing
  77. What do 9yr old girls like???
  78. Inappropriate talk
  79. You'll never guess what L came home with from school today!
  80. Big issues with a boy on the bus
  81. Chaparoning a Kinder field trip
  82. Schools out for Summer!
  83. Need Kindergarten Advice
  84. WDYT?
  85. ? for working moms of school-aged kids
  86. school schedules
  87. Lunchboxes?
  88. Discussing homosexuality with children.
  89. Kindergarten Graduation
  90. Too much info!
  91. developing good handwriting habits
  92. OK, tell me to get over myself here!
  93. I think I'm beginning to get at the root of Hope's problems...
  94. 5 year old playing with older girls
  95. Ideas for chores
  96. What age for music lessons?
  97. Transposing letters and numbers
  98. School clothes
  99. Who's starting kindergarten this year?
  100. "What does gay mean?"
  101. Disciplining a 5 year old
  102. Caught kissing the neighbor boys!
  103. Starting Kindergarten 7/7
  104. Would you let your kids compete against each other?
  105. Training Bras
  106. Tell me about your school days!
  107. Organizing all the school papers
  108. What TV shows does your 4-5-6 year old watch?
  109. When did you start school shopping?
  110. Here we come Kindergarten
  111. "swim team" for 5.5 y.o.? UPDATE and more ?? in OP
  112. Kindergarten Homework
  113. Ethan teased his best friend
  114. Sleep-peeing LOL
  115. Anxiety when I'm at work
  116. I love it when things come together! Homeschooling update...summer work
  117. advice on a K wardrobe (no uniforms)
  118. Eye Rolling
  119. Guess what happened to us today?
  120. Not listening, forgetting...
  121. Just cute.
  122. Good guys vs. Bad guys
  123. Reading upside down
  124. Lunchbox drinks?
  125. How awesome is this?
  126. Belligerent spoiled rotten brat!!!!
  127. Board game sugestions (and my first post here!!!!!)
  128. It is catchy....
  129. Beginner piano lessons (questions from a non-musical mom)
  130. Question about doing 2 years of K
  131. Is this strange?
  132. Tired of my K questions yet?
  133. Packing school lunches
  134. Backpack size?
  135. I'm so excited!!!
  136. Calvin got...
  137. Keeping them home for illness
  138. allowance money~ chores vs expected responsibilities?
  139. school supplies?
  140. What time does school start for your Kindergartener?
  141. Kindergarten class size???
  142. To bus or not to bus?
  143. His teacher sent me e-mail!
  144. WWYD? - classroom 'jobs'
  145. All these fears!?!?!
  146. Kindergarten snack
  147. How often and how much money do you send to school?
  148. No she didn't
  149. You obviously don't know what junk food is
  150. Rookie Kindergarten mom mistake!
  151. for our Kindergarten mommies
  152. Another Kindergarten Poem
  153. The type A in mommy is coming out
  154. Kindergarten gear logistics
  155. Need advice from moms of anxious children...
  156. Lunch ideas
  157. Nervous
  158. If you WOH, what do you do in summers?
  159. Hey, Mommy...
  160. We're going to have issues with this whole snack/lunch thing
  161. What is the bunny shoe tying rhyme??
  162. She's anxious about going back to school...
  163. The worst morning drop off yet :(
  164. Do you help in the classroom?
  165. prepping for K: personal responsibility and safety
  166. School open house and class meetings - kids allowed?
  167. Your Kindergarten expectations & Reading Resources
  168. Question for all you teachers about homework...
  169. Potty mouth and school
  170. K and riding the bus
  171. Another First Day of K thread . . .
  172. No field trips
  173. Peeing the bed - K Exhaustion?
  174. Who is her teacher?!
  175. Suggestions to Read TO an almost 7 year old...
  176. School lunches... what to pack?
  177. School Bus Question(s)
  178. Eeek...already???
  179. He read a story!
  180. Do Ya Think?!
  181. How would you handle this?
  182. I volunteered in class today :)
  183. Tell me what you LOVE about...
  184. Kindergaten Parent orientation
  185. Year round school
  186. Baths--how often
  187. No "extras" in K?
  188. Split grades
  189. So proud
  190. Kindergarten grading scale?
  191. Daisy Scouts
  192. Is it terrible?
  193. Appropriate book for first wk of kindergarten?????? U/D pg 4
  194. Teaching letters/sounds?
  195. I think we might finally be night trained
  196. I kidnapped my own kid
  197. I SUCK at 'show & tell'
  198. She Went to Yellow
  199. K will be the death of me
  200. Part question part rant
  201. New system for screen time
  202. Well, I WAS fine...
  203. Mom's Bunco Night
  204. She read FOUR BOB books by herself!
  205. How often do you email the teacher?
  206. CAN you email the teacher?
  207. Marlee's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
  208. Friendship "club" *Update Pg 1 -- Bully?*
  209. Elementary Back to School Night: Kids or No Kids?
  210. Afternoon and after school
  211. So his new best friend is my OB/GYN's son!
  212. Birthday Parties
  213. Can't get away from this kid!
  214. How much time at home studying?
  215. Anyone willing to host Flat Stanley?
  216. Poll - I can't believe this
  217. A crush!
  218. Would you be ok with your 6 year old dd playing with makeup?
  219. What to ask
  220. How old for a bra?
  221. Wow - talk about stepping it up!
  222. Kids at school and at home
  223. Music to my ears...
  224. I'm stumped
  225. How to talk to K's teacher - help!
  226. Teaching shoe tying?
  227. How do you respond?
  228. Should I talk to the teacher?
  229. nitpicky homework issue wwyd
  230. new territory: weekend playdates
  231. How much are you asked to do for dc's PUBLIC school?
  232. total trainwreck! small update in OP . . .
  233. Will we survive October?
  234. D'Nealian manuscript
  235. Lesson to not freak out...
  236. Mommy, we had a Code Red Drill today!!
  237. WTF? Homework with no instructions??
  238. How much
  239. Help with boosting confidence at school?
  240. So many papers! You, too?
  241. School ick....
  242. I just spent $20 on snacks for K
  243. Does your K have homework?
  244. How many K's in your dc's class?
  245. Anyone do Girl Scouts?
  246. Teacher Absences
  247. Fun Birthday Ideas - 6yo girl
  248. What Eleanor wants to be when she grows up
  249. **spinoff** viewing violence on tv news
  250. I have to read to L's class!