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  1. Malena's poem.
  2. According to the Dibbels testing...
  3. Advanced Reading/Advanced Math
  4. Regional dialect word rhyming
  5. Pencil Grip Really an Issue?
  6. literature night costumes
  7. Your 5 y/o DS at a public urinal?
  8. Donating Book to School Library
  9. Change in lunch/recess at DS's school
  10. Dropping a reading level
  11. Bedtime/Night routine?
  12. I'm not very good at this
  13. WTF? Is this appropriate at all?? **Update pg. 3**
  14. Would you take your child to a weekday party?
  15. WWYD with this info from school?
  16. Do you do anything special for their birthday...
  17. If your DC comes home sick...
  18. the bad notes
  19. Have I crossed a line I shouldn't have? Religious based
  20. How do I refocus her when she is upset?
  21. Kindergarten teachers are saints, saints I tell ya!
  22. Out of the blue gifts for teachers?
  23. Our School Closing on Thurs. to Disinfect
  24. help for a visual learner
  25. May have to pull him for a day :-( **11/24 e-mail from Principal pg. 11
  26. An interesting spat this evening...
  27. Loose tooth already?
  28. Spinoff: Parent involvement
  29. School discipline system?
  30. The boys are already coming around. So.not.ready.
  31. How much $ to send?
  32. Behavior issues - need some ideas
  33. Help with wetting pants
  34. WWYD...regarding pick up?
  35. Proud...and terrified
  36. A funny
  37. Would you let your child do this?
  38. Help me with Grade 3 math!
  39. UPDATE: Something disturbing in O's backpack
  40. OMG, my 9 year old is embarassed of me...
  41. Song lyric bloopers
  42. wwyd? conferences in K? update p2
  43. WWYD? class "treat"
  44. Explain Dibels scoring to me
  45. Lying and stealing
  46. What do you call the teacher?
  47. WWYD Re: Buying New Clothes for Christmas Program
  48. Elementary school--always a big adjustment (for parents?)
  49. Disappointed in her (and in myself)...
  50. is this legit or a cop-out?
  51. Touch math?
  52. Memorizing Math Facts ?
  53. Can't believe it!
  54. Help me teach her
  55. Is the Tooth Fairy always female?
  56. Does your dc's school do a Christmas program?
  57. Lying
  58. Do you take your child to parent-teacher interviews?
  59. A new annoying habit
  60. She walked home from the bus stop!
  61. Report Card
  62. don't know if I get/should post here or not.
  63. Any other dc's have to know every detail of their schedule?
  64. WWYD - neighbor boy
  65. Poll - keep him home or send him
  66. California Moms- Report Help :-)
  67. What do your kids take to ShowNTell?
  68. School library books
  69. I thought this was a cool idea at school!!
  70. How would you answer this question?
  71. Would you expect a phone call?
  72. Still not asleep!
  73. Jeez.....need a project like NOW!!
  74. Who picks out clothes?
  75. Mean girl
  76. Calvin's funny-of-the-day
  77. I don't like my boy lately.
  78. I am SO MAD at my ds today!!!
  79. am I wrong?
  80. Alex got in trouble at school yesterday for....
  81. "I hope you don't die"....
  82. Helicopter parent vs helping with process? (report writing)
  83. Observations of school lunch
  84. Now he's reading - how to continue?
  85. WWYD: Field trip to movie theater
  86. Anyone else's 6 year old still not dress themselves?
  87. What doll would you give?
  88. The Class Mom
  89. WWYHD? Re: horrible kid at local playplace?
  90. well, she sure can push my buttons...
  91. 4-H club
  92. Dinner time battles
  93. Are you sure I'mnot raising a 6 year old boy instead?
  94. Helping a 7 year old control her temper/emotions
  95. Playdates questions...
  96. so frustrated!
  97. homeschooling resources
  98. I hate her friend!
  99. Hey Mommy!
  100. Math what's age appropriate/advanced?
  101. When your kids go back to school......
  102. something positive this week
  103. Does your Kindergartner eat non-stop?
  104. Traditional/Back-to-basics schooling?
  105. Do I rescue him?
  106. Spinoff - what time does your school start?
  107. spinoff: fee for all day kindergarten?
  108. Hannah's potty accidents at school...WWYD?
  109. How would you punish for this? *update#2 * Pg 4
  110. Does your kid eat anything?
  111. Playdates
  112. Veggies make him puke
  113. Kindergarten Homework vent
  114. Spinoff: What does you kindergartener's homework look like
  115. From an average of 3 hours down to 20 minutes!
  116. Grant's Early childhood screening
  117. more about the screening this week
  118. O wants this costume
  119. How much would you send?
  120. Would you send this note? ***more weirdness, pg2
  121. Am I within my rights to request this info before signing the IEP?
  122. One way around the storebought thing...
  123. 5 year olds on Facebook
  124. And the fighting begins...
  125. Does your 4 year old act like this?
  126. They talked about Haiti in school (grade K) 2nd update pg 2
  127. No more Melatonin!
  128. How did you choose your kid's school?
  129. Tics
  130. Should I?
  131. School dilemma
  132. Does your school do Valentine's Day?
  133. What do you think about this?
  134. Residential Summer Camp for 6 Year Old
  135. Dual Language program
  136. What is it with this helplessness?
  137. Ah... innocence... LOL!!!
  138. NO, the mucinex guy is NOT Really inside you!
  139. Teaching to ride a bike
  140. My eyes do NOT want to see this!
  141. Kindergarten Math?
  142. 504 plans and IEPs
  143. I think I'm *that* parent
  144. Am I doing this to her?
  145. Huh?
  146. Perfect Attendance Rewards
  147. Awkward!
  148. Sneed Collard
  149. he still surprises me
  150. Awwww, the heartbreaks begin
  151. Do you think this is appropriate for school?
  152. Need input/ideas...
  153. How does your school make up snow days?
  154. playdates.
  155. Lying again
  156. S/O: what age for ear piercing?
  157. choosing a school is HARD!
  158. L is completely repulsed
  159. How far is your child's school?
  160. Horrible parent behavior!
  161. what do they know by the end of kdg?
  162. Kindergarten discipline?
  163. Dr Seuss week?
  164. Nightmares
  165. Helping her prepare for a move
  166. We made our school choice!
  167. Is this crazy or what?!
  168. Kindergarten Testing
  169. Books for Easton
  170. favorite activity books for 5-year-old?
  171. Lily's tooth
  172. Skipping school for vacation
  173. Weird School Lunch Food
  174. Odd B-day Party time?
  175. wow, where did the time go?
  176. Would this work for you?
  177. What do all these reading levels MEAN???
  178. preschool math websites?
  179. Would this be ok?
  180. April Fool's Snack?
  181. How do we phrase this? teachers--please weigh in...
  182. very high IQ concerns
  183. should I continue to avoid teaching him math?
  184. your favorite books for early readers
  185. Help me to not over-think this
  186. Would you let your dc skip?
  187. WWYD re: district change
  188. Would you let your 8 yr old..
  189. Anansi story
  190. Hannah's idea of family
  191. It's all about Valerie Bertinelli, Jason Alexander, Kirstie Allie, and Yours Truly
  192. high IQ/average-to-low school performance?
  193. Book content - appropriate?
  194. A school dilemma
  195. Malena reading The Mouse and The Motorcycle
  196. This will make you feel old...
  197. Internet for the 6-7 year old crowd
  198. The things they say....
  199. Breaking the Nose Picking Habit
  200. B-day party question
  201. How much would you pay?
  202. Another kindergarten question
  203. Is this normal for 5?
  204. school pick up line?
  205. A's discovery
  206. Get your bird a dress....
  207. bed wetting vs not yet night trained
  208. School dismissal
  209. What do you love about your DC's teacher - Teacher Appreciation Week
  210. 1st Grade
  211. S/O What are you doing for Teacher Appreciation Week?
  212. Hope I just did the right thing for DS
  213. milestones for age 5+?
  214. Help for a kid on the path to perfectionism??
  215. Anger and remorse (or lack thereof)
  216. What age...
  217. Who is starting K?
  218. Kindergarten relationships
  219. I do believe she's pulling my leg
  220. Summer reading for first grade?!
  221. What to do!
  222. Summer Bedtime
  223. Field Day?
  224. Test Scores
  225. The world according to my 5 yr. old...too funny not to share
  226. Age or just a boy
  227. how old to play in the neighborhood?
  228. At what point do I start limiting portion sizes?
  229. Christian's Camping List
  230. School is out for us! Our first year of homeschooling is done
  231. Lovies
  232. DD got a library card!!
  233. my little chauvenist...
  234. How would you deal with this? DD's friend tried to steal something from her
  235. Mean Girls
  236. How to help her cope - extreme shyness
  237. Such a helpful boy.
  238. Bday game ideas for 6YOs
  239. How did my 5 y/o get smarter than me?
  240. Overprotective parent
  241. innocent mistake, but very funny
  242. 5 years old
  243. school supply packs
  244. Need Evening Activities/Project Ideas
  245. how do you make them do stuff?
  246. Was your K tested for reading level w/DRA2?
  247. My kids are strange!
  248. training wheels
  249. 9 Y.O. Can't Fall Asleep
  250. Queen bee...