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  1. Teacher Requests
  2. Print and play
  3. Right and Left
  4. Responsibilities/chores for 6/7-yr-olds?
  5. Mood changes, development of tic, worried!!!
  6. SO worried for my bf's 9 year old ds.... ADHD HELP!
  7. how old for "the talk"?
  8. Is it too much to ask...
  9. Not eating at school...
  10. Do you get a new backpack for them every year?
  11. kindergarten wardrobe..
  12. Very sensitive boy, sad
  13. Some questions about my 5 year old's reading
  14. Need to work on that...
  15. Potty accidents
  16. Going to bday parties for kids from class
  17. When your child says something to freak you out
  18. The law of gravity
  19. Starting K-have some questions
  20. Remember the K teacher I was so worried about last year?
  21. Hannah's math skills ~normal?
  22. PSA/Rant: There is NO such thing as a math gene
  23. I LOVE their new teachers
  24. School Supplies: Buying Them Yourself vs. Paying a Fee
  25. **spinoff** School Supplies question for Canadian Moms
  26. where do your kids do homework?
  27. Changing schools...WWYD? Update: Decision made
  28. Do they still do class pictures?
  29. 5th birthday party dilemma- help!
  30. If your GIRL turned/s 5 this summer, will she start K this year?
  31. What would you choose?
  32. Why can't I be...
  33. K Library time...
  34. If your dc didn't lose their baby teeth...
  35. Noisy eating
  36. Explain "AR" to me, please :)
  37. Do you still read to your children?
  38. Interdistrict transfers
  39. amounts of homework
  40. Yeesh... why do I feel like a perv???
  41. Pets
  42. Nervous, scared, panicking. - Update pg 4
  43. for my boy
  44. No School Supplies...Really!?!
  45. Beginning reader books
  46. Whose kids read Goosebumps?
  47. Consequences for behavior at school (update pg. 4)
  48. My heart is breaking over his first grade transition (update pg 2)
  49. Looking over the school's "Handbook" - same sex relationships
  50. She is going to be tested for the gifted program...
  51. How far is too far for the bus stop? *9/17 update Pg 5* New ???
  52. Spin off - When would you request gifted testing?
  53. What should kindergarten be for Simona?
  54. Hours of sleep
  55. sweaty balls and stinky pits=puberty?
  56. spin-off of sleep question--night waking
  57. please tell me my kid won't be the only one
  58. Just a little brag on Elijah's school
  59. I hate the 'Quiet Friend of the Day'
  60. Recommended reading for bullying or raising a responsible/ethical child
  61. A funny Lily story
  62. Age-related phase or is she just a brat?
  63. Birthday Invites
  64. He got on the wrong bus!
  65. What they should do when/if they get lost
  66. Guilty for wanting them gone
  67. books after Magic Tree House?
  68. Home Schooling
  69. Hiting my kid...Update in OP
  70. How long are your playdates?
  71. Friends
  72. I am ON the BALL!
  73. Update pg. 2 My worrying kid (school seperation) and hopefully great idea!
  74. I found a fun little math game for young kids
  75. First night of 1st grade homework: UPDATE pg 3
  76. For our elementary educators
  77. A funny conversation with my non-conformist!
  78. can someone tell me how the book fair works?
  79. our first altercation.
  80. Fewer challenges
  81. early reading skills?
  82. At my wit's end with the attitude
  83. Reading Recovery Program.
  84. Bullying
  85. Reading in 1st Grade
  86. Studying tips?
  87. Cricket magazines anyone?
  88. 1st grade - not progressing in reading ** update page 3
  89. Kindergarten - full or half day??
  90. Not happy with teacher
  91. I don't understand this reading "program"
  92. "it's just a dime?"
  93. Disorganized teacher...
  94. Need help w/ bday party food
  95. It's rare that I'm disappointed in V
  96. What to do about DD's mean friend?
  97. Sleepover w/ Friends Whose Parents are Divorced
  98. 1st Grade Writings
  99. Out of the Mouths!
  100. Writing backwards
  101. Do you set a homework/reading time?
  102. We have a "mean girl" and I made her cry
  103. So what do you do with the child that seeks praise/perfection all the time??
  104. Power outage, cancel school?
  105. 'Excused' vs 'Unexcused'
  106. got the phone call from the teacher that no one wants to get
  107. I am a little concerned...
  108. If your child is in private school...
  109. I *heart* what I see going on at DS's school
  110. Proud of my girl, but a little sad
  111. homeschooling for math?
  112. single-gender school activity
  113. anyone's kid do tennis?
  114. Was there school today (Columbus Day)?
  115. Dance **Update page 4**
  116. Projects
  117. Ice Skating Party
  118. Parents or children's responsibility to do homework?
  119. Suggestions for anxious children
  120. Spinoff on homework thread....discipline
  121. No homemade treats allowed in school?
  122. Has your school practiced "Lock Down"?
  123. teacher wrote on backpack, update p. 4
  124. dance teacher put initials in shoes
  125. Contradicting the teacher
  126. It's a far stretch from ABCs...What "Report Card" system does your school use?
  127. staying over night with friends/anxiety
  128. Bullying in kindergarten - My email
  129. Our turn for a bully
  130. HOPSports?
  131. I'm having an existential crisis about school pictures.
  132. Do you buy their school picture regardless
  133. would you do this? How would you word it?
  134. Halloween Party or Fall Party at School
  135. Need advice re: Simona Perplexed and not sure what I am dealing with!
  136. The Inappropriate-Book-from-the-Library Problem
  137. School mornings
  138. Ontario Moms! Question about PD days
  139. Elementary prizes?
  140. Lying...How do you deal with it?
  141. If your school did a party...
  142. What teachers must think!!
  143. 6yo bad nail habits
  144. ADD/ADHD/Learning problems/bad handwriting
  145. I am not understanding kingergarten homework! Teachers?
  146. big thinking *semi-spinoff of Di's thread about journals
  147. The incessant chatter of our Big Thinkers! Bekah - for you!
  148. 6th birthday party
  149. rollerskating or rollerblading
  150. School schedule this month
  151. Just when I think she's getting better...
  152. Cold weather and the bus stop
  153. How much assistance do your 5&7 y/o's need bathing?
  154. Beyond Starfall...
  155. kids and computers
  156. Would you send this note to school?
  157. Second grade rocks!!!
  158. Parent Teacher conferences
  159. Lily gave dh his just desserts
  160. What is an acceptable amount of ANGER in a child?
  161. playdates
  162. Spin Off: I want a playdate at YOUR house
  163. Is cursive writing becoming obsolete?
  164. Old enough to enjoy the Nutcracker?
  165. What does your 6 year old dd play with?
  166. am I just a witch?
  167. Help! Sensitive 5 year old & tougher gymnastics coach
  168. Birthday invites
  169. 1st grade reading books needed
  170. I HATE Book-Its!
  171. Mallory Good News pg. 4
  172. School Picture companies
  173. Would you do anything about this teacher comment?
  174. Bangbangbang
  175. timing of invites to birthday
  176. Christmas lists
  177. Karate, Taekwondo, Jujutsu??? for Jakob.
  178. So to go along with my FB status...
  179. Soft spot for Simona's bully: draft email p.2
  180. Tips for kids with separation anxiety?
  181. Whoever decided...
  182. 6yo self esteem
  183. Birthday treats
  184. The 'facts' they learn at school...
  185. If they lie about something...
  186. I canNOT believe he said this about his own mother!
  187. Second grade spelling
  188. WAy too much drama!
  189. A question about Guided Reading levels
  190. I need encouragement or bribery ideas
  191. Would you send her to school Saturday?
  192. In Kindergarten?!
  193. Is it mean to insist on a "no gifts" party for your child?
  194. What does your 6ish year old boy do?
  195. BrainPop
  196. No friends?
  197. Home schooling questions...
  198. Playdate today.
  199. Bedwetting
  200. Age for a concert
  201. Email from Teacher
  202. DO your kids know what to do in an emergency (and do you think they could do it?)
  203. Justin who?????
  204. WWYD? switching schools
  205. Helping the perfectionist.
  206. Today Calista's teacher...
  207. 7 year old full of sass all the time - solutions?
  208. After school snacking
  209. Would you pull your kids out of school for a half day to do something fun?
  210. DRA Levels
  211. angry, and trying to address this
  212. frustrating math question **picture of worksheet added**
  213. what math curriculum does your school use?
  214. Size 6X?
  215. 2nd grade drama
  216. Fun/educational site we found
  217. Boosting confidence
  218. backwards clothing
  219. No call from the school.
  220. If I were president ....
  221. Changing schools
  222. How to stop the threats? (long)
  223. My giant child(ren)
  224. Still unsure about L's school next year - K or 1st grade
  225. AIDS Education.
  226. Suggestions for Jack **Update pg 3 :) **
  227. "Bra" for 7.5 year old??
  228. I will woc.
  229. What age can kids use chopsticks?
  230. 6 year old - Difficulty with "R" combinations
  231. Now what? Suspension
  232. Matthew is going to be published!
  233. how do you handle or support a school suspension at home?
  234. 4 year old difficult to understand v-b r's and th
  235. For NASA fans of all ages! When to see things in your night sky
  236. Does your dd do this?
  237. Would a teacher be annoyed by this request (Update pg2)
  238. AM/PM kindergarten?
  239. Anyone else thinks that Kindergarten is exhausting??
  240. full day or half day kindergarten?
  241. Declining a P/T conference
  242. Scheduling camps for an incoming third grader
  243. Visiting a Private School - What to ask?
  244. Good evolution/science book for 5 year old?
  245. Getting Reading for School Troubles
  246. How quirky/wild do you allow their school outfits to be? *Added pic pg 4
  247. Birthday Party scheduling dilemma
  248. School Carnival
  249. discussions of death
  250. WWYD re: baseball coach