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  1. Build-A-Bear party
  2. Proud of my big guy!
  3. 1st Grade Bully
  4. 2nd Grade Printing Skills
  5. I think he's new...
  6. Kindergarten playdates - bus or pick up?
  7. Do you accompany your child on field trips?
  8. 1st grade math
  9. 7 year old boys.
  10. High School Musical
  11. need an idea for a 7th birthday party/activity
  12. Letter from the school
  13. Email Pal: 5-7 year old girl!
  14. Where does your daughter keep all her dolls?
  15. son was bystander to racial incident in K
  16. At my wits end with her!
  17. WWYD - fixing spelling
  18. Telling tales
  19. Malena has learned the power of the word "NO".:(
  20. FREE! Everyday Math has apps free in the ITunes store, through April 16
  21. there's nothing like a little peer pressure/sibling rivalry...
  22. I don't understand what is expected... "Nonfiction Retelling Rubric" ?
  23. Update OP Kindergarten behavior
  24. Behavior issue
  25. 7 little monkeys...
  26. Who is responsible for the backpack?
  27. Need advice on placement next year from our educators....
  28. WWYD- Child wandering neighborhood at loose ends...
  29. Picky eating in older kids...how much would you cater to it?
  30. Am I being mean? When is sleepover bedtime?
  31. Teacher for a Day (kindergarten project)
  32. When do sleep overs start?
  33. Birthday Parties
  34. Disney African Cats as school trip?
  35. Any teachers here familiar with Running Records conventions?
  36. Do girl scouts include special needs children? **Update pg 4**
  37. High IQ, low social ability
  38. How long before replacing a pet?
  39. Need help making a school decision (update p2)
  40. chewing everything
  41. Playdate questions?
  42. Eleanor might explode when she hears this news!
  43. Anger and anxiety in an 8 year old...HELP!
  44. Too harsh punishment?
  45. Too harsh, part II (sorry Quin!)
  46. A Daniel funny
  47. Should the tooth fairy skip our house?
  48. Nail Biting
  49. special needs? what/when/how much should I tell the new school?
  50. School politics and petty annoyances
  51. Insight on the "MAP test"? Standardized achievement test given
  52. ADHD meds ?
  53. my son's "rotten child" song.
  54. "I Am Poem"
  55. Troubling 5 yo behavior. help!
  56. Dolls for 5 year old
  57. Can holding a child back hurt more than it helps?
  58. Good spot for pillow case type dresses
  59. Do you cry at kid concerts?
  60. Standardized testing scores
  61. Would you consider a private school...
  62. Does your school do awards ceremonies?
  63. Does your school talk about the Tiananmen Square Massacre?
  64. Would you do a goody/treat bag?
  65. Confidence
  66. a (not very) hypothetical . . .
  67. High back booster vs. low back booster
  68. Dealing with the mean girl
  69. too much energy
  70. Behavior advice/tips for adoption
  71. bad nom....
  72. Summer "school" @ home - anybody else?
  73. getting organized for next year's school lunches
  74. Books for Teachers?
  75. Worksheets/workbooks
  76. Another swim lessons question
  77. If the teacher ask for healthy snacks. . .
  78. Would you bring a gift?
  79. 7th birthday party--would you find this odd?
  80. competing witih permissive families
  81. Help! Homeschoolers
  82. Booster seat help!
  83. The ATTIDUDE needs to go!!
  84. I'm a den leader
  85. An inch in 2 months...
  86. am i crazy for allowing this?
  87. Great book for boys (and girls) ~heading into summer
  88. Forgetting EVERYTHING
  89. Do you think this is unreasonable for a teacher to ask?
  90. Bold little girls!
  91. Would you call the teacher if your 7yo was allowed to play a "kissing game" in class?
  92. "School report" Prep/Kindergarten questions
  93. Austin Powers
  94. Jeren thinks I'm awesome...
  95. If your child can't touch the bottom- can they get out of the pool?
  96. great online math software for early elementary
  97. Ben's funny of the day...
  98. Help me make her more appreciative!
  99. Five year old-ness
  100. Not a good start to the new school year
  101. if your child received $50-100...
  102. Sensory anger?
  103. 10 year old is going through puberty :(
  104. My poor kid and her lapse of judgement
  105. Memory/Retention Help!
  106. How does your school cafeteria work?
  107. Parenting book recommendation ?
  108. Night time wetting - regressing
  109. Is this out of line? e-mail regarding music camp son is participating in
  110. Full-day or half-day?
  111. Over-emotional 7 year old
  112. School supplies - Canadian moms
  113. Do the 'specials' teachers know your child's name?
  114. Do your kids sleepover at others' besides relatives?
  115. Reasonable timeline for reply from pincipal? UPDATE already
  116. Free bus ride to school - how far?
  117. Tell me about you school schedule/homework organization center!
  118. How about your evening routines?
  119. Would you leave it be, or request changes?
  120. Telling tall tales
  121. Here's hoping my decision/their placement was correct! WDYT?
  122. Earrings/pierced ears?
  123. need help from experienced educators/administrators/county education workers
  124. Rainbow Magic book sets
  125. Does your elementary aged DD have a BF?
  126. What to do with a very sensitive child
  127. Box Tops for Education
  128. Anyone else have DCs with school anxiety?
  129. Crying on first day of school...
  130. new 1st grade standards are the same as the old Kinder standards
  131. Early morning flag football snack?
  132. first kiss
  133. Chores for 6 year old
  134. First day lunch
  135. Bedtime, School and fitting it all in
  136. class rosters--would you find this odd?
  137. Sobbing after the first day of school.
  138. Do you share standardized test scores with your kids?
  139. And the phone rings....
  140. School snack ideas to make from scratch
  141. Kids got to use their fire drill training today
  142. Birthday party games? Yes or No?
  143. Would you be upset?
  144. Grading policy & percentages
  145. Hands on Science
  146. What's the PTA do?
  147. Kindergarten spelling words?
  148. My hilarious 5 year old..
  149. Ballet class
  150. attitude
  151. Math sites to challenge Hannah outside school
  152. What is your first grader doing in school now?
  153. Book suggestions for a new second grader
  154. Positive rewards at school contributing to anxiety. Thoughts?
  155. Am I crazy?
  156. Does your child get upset if they can't be with you?
  157. Pesky neighbor kids
  158. Birthday party theme for 8 year old girl?
  159. Different way to practice spelling
  160. math help!
  161. Getting in trouble at school
  162. Twin sibling stuff - what do you think?
  163. Reading Comprehension Websites for 2nd Grade?
  164. The comment I love to hear most as a teacher...
  165. What to do?
  166. Tutor?
  167. Mouthguard replacement question.
  168. How long in size 8?
  169. What I did for birthday party invites for my girls. WDYT?
  170. Is your child talking too much in class?
  171. What age for makeup? Am I crazy??
  172. Inviting a Kid for Birthday Event
  173. Are we crazy for considering this?
  174. Is 7-8 too old for a swingset?
  175. It really shouldn't be this hard!
  176. Halloween Games?
  177. First Grading Period ending...
  178. OT--what to expect?
  179. Report Cards came home yesterday....
  180. What grade did they start multiplication?
  181. Birthday party day question
  182. The boy just doesn't care :(
  183. New math curriculum: Educator's? Opinions?
  184. I think we've turned a corner
  185. Club Penguin?
  186. Wii & DS games
  187. Longboards
  188. If you/your child had an iPod/iPad . . .
  189. If you have a Wii. . .
  190. So frustrated with our school situation
  191. Which tech/game way to go?
  192. Bummer....
  193. Baby Alive for 8 year old?
  194. That was... Awkward...
  195. Teachers and Grammatical Errors
  196. How much sleep does your 8 year old need?
  197. Need quick advice re: kid birthday RSVPs
  198. Stop telling me...
  199. pajama party and staying the night
  200. A very generous teacher?
  201. Birthday Present Question
  202. Lice!
  203. Nintendo DS Games - DD 7.5 yo
  204. How much freedom do you allow your child in public?
  205. What's an appropriate punishment?
  206. parents / educators of 'gifted' kids
  207. Book Exchange
  208. class holiday project
  209. Snoop or let it go?
  210. yikes!
  211. Classroom rules about birthday parties
  212. 'nother bday party question...
  213. Wii games for 5-6 yr old girls?
  214. How to handle overconfidence...
  215. School parties and siblings
  216. Piercing Ears - Update # 14
  217. Cub scout belt loops and participation
  218. BEST sign ever for those pesky kids !!
  219. How to appropriately deal with this when he gets home today?
  220. Any tips to get a six year old to stop picking/eating his boogers?
  221. InView testing
  222. Report Cards
  223. Dang Permanent Marker!
  224. Getting Kids into the Habit of Making Their Beds
  225. Forgetfulness?
  226. Girlfriends
  227. He TRIED to frame her...
  228. sibling rivalry - jealousy & behavior escalation
  229. FUN FAMILY game!
  230. Book suggestions for 6yo girl...
  231. Loved this book!
  232. Harry Potter
  233. Multiplication Tables
  234. school start times, winter sun rises and little ones walking in the dark
  235. How much freedom?
  236. Kindle lending group?
  237. Books for an advanced reader
  238. Lying
  239. i am LIVID!
  240. for those with kids close in age - keep friends separate??
  241. Math...a challenge question a day from my dh (4PM daily)
  242. Chores?
  243. Please help. Was put in charge of Valentine party 30 minutes ago. :-/
  244. is this normal 6 y.o. behavior?? concerned
  245. 8 Year Old Bored Syndrome
  246. If you have moved with elementary aged kids.
  247. Those with school-aged/older children, any saturday morning rules?
  248. Transferring math concepts to paper?
  249. Need mini lesson idea on chimps....Jane Goodall
  250. changing punishment?