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  1. Moms of Multiples
  2. Were YOU born in November?
  3. Can you say freaking out?
  4. How lucky are we?
  5. What was the magic month where everything got better?
  6. Twin Toddler Terrors!
  7. OH MY GOSH!!!! I am huge
  8. In the Womb: Multiples special airing January 14th
  9. ????Dr appts during pregnancy/good books
  10. For those still nursing
  11. why won't they nap??
  12. sling or other carriers?
  13. PLEASE let everyday be like today!!!
  14. Anybody PTed twins yet?
  15. Twin Position Question..Head Down on U/S
  16. Anyone newly pg with twins and afraid of losing one?
  17. How can I have this much time on my hands???
  18. What was the hardest point with twins thus far?
  19. When oh when will they be here...who's had to be induced?
  20. Getting uncomfortable...
  21. What happened to our Multiples buddy group?
  22. do your twins have the same allergies?
  23. 34 Week U/S Update
  24. Another question...
  25. Preschoolians discount
  26. 35 week appt
  27. 36 week appt...
  28. "cousin is having twins, what do you recommend?"
  29. Would you separate them??
  30. 37 week appt update...
  31. 37.5 Week Appt Update...We have an induction date!! UPDATE
  32. 20 week U/S today....
  33. Where did your twins sleep ....
  34. Anyone with older twins sharing a room?
  35. Kimmie ...??
  36. Mommy of Multiples Buddy Group!
  37. Sleep dilema
  38. I know this has been posted before...but Potty Training??
  39. Birthday Party Etiquete Question
  40. Nosy Questions
  41. Did you know?
  42. Betas
  43. Twins...AGAIN???
  44. Now what?
  45. OB or Peri?
  46. Tell me about your babies' births
  47. Preventing or Delaying Bedrest
  48. And now for a REALLY important question
  49. Stroller for Twins
  50. Vanishing Twin
  51. How long did you wait?
  52. Just when I was starting to feel sane and in control again...
  53. Stupid Birth Question
  54. When do I get to feel kicking??
  55. Preschool....seperate or stay together??? HELP!!!!!!!!
  56. What do you NEED 2 of for twins?
  57. Travel
  58. speech/language development
  59. Doppler *update*
  60. When to seperate twins from sharing a room
  61. Twin Sleeping Arrangements
  62. Is this for real?
  63. Oh, the PAIN!
  64. Quad Screen results
  65. Tell me about the misery
  66. My heart just melted...
  67. Twin kicking question
  68. Mat clothes and showing
  69. Speaking of showing --- show those bellies!!
  70. How did your twin belly measure? *UPDATE PG 2*
  71. Multiples Birth Class
  72. ? For those w/Twins
  73. Multiples Fakers
  74. Did you ever want twins?
  75. Scare Me
  76. How many pillows can it possibly take to sleep???
  77. Thought this was a really cool product!
  78. Halloween Costume Ideas
  79. Lefty or Righty?
  80. Pregnant with Twins VENT
  81. Twin Survey
  82. I am so screwed...
  83. Feeling Movement
  84. Birthday theme ideas
  85. Video about how twins are formed
  86. How are/were your OB monitoring appts?
  87. Can you turn twins in utero?
  88. How to you handle birthday parties?
  89. How big were YOURS?
  90. Do I really need two??
  91. When do/did you install car seats?
  92. What are your twins going to be for Halloween?
  93. Online Twin Resources
  94. Boy/Girl Twin Stroller
  95. When should I start on things??
  96. please show me your twin u/s pics
  97. compare your single vs. twin pg
  98. Extra $ for you twin mommies to be!
  99. The Logistics of Twin BF
  100. Non Stress Tests
  101. Movement with twins
  102. Sommer!
  103. Twin pictures
  104. Two Toddlers - Two very different temperaments!
  105. And the Countdown Begins!
  106. How did you manage?
  107. Sleeping and Pacifiers (for Kim)
  108. I survived! I actually survived....
  109. How am I going to pull this off?
  110. Final Weight Check Today
  111. When does it get harder?
  112. My twins hate each other!!!
  113. Kick counting with two
  114. When did in utero movement slow?
  115. BOGO from Tiny Love
  116. Twin Breastfeeding positions
  117. Question about subsequent pgs
  118. When one has colic...
  119. relationships with your twins
  120. What is it about twins...
  121. A really stupid thought...
  122. name confusion
  123. twin playgroup insanity!
  124. Double...
  125. I forget so much!
  126. Twins - individuals or a pair?
  127. Multiples Discount for Robeez
  128. Putting twins in the car alone
  129. Website for Multiples
  130. Difference in weight and height
  131. Twin Front Packs
  132. Spinoff, if you have a singleton and twins -
  133. Older dc and then twins...
  134. My first "I don't know that I can do this" moment
  135. Nursing Chairs
  136. Twin bonding
  137. Twins merchandising/EDD vs real due date?
  138. Sleeping through the night
  139. Double stroller
  140. Look the same but not identical?
  141. Halloween
  142. Here's one for ya!
  143. Gifts for newborn twins
  144. My Boys
  145. So... when do they become FRIENDS, exactly??
  146. Who's a twin?
  147. Thinking ahead - birthday parties and presents
  148. Identical twins are NOT hereditary, right?
  149. Fool the computer!
  150. Twin Toddlers
  151. Triplet Help
  152. Funny comment about twins...
  153. Twin playdate etiquette?
  154. Parented programs and twins
  155. Grocery shopping with twins
  156. Park solo?
  157. TWINS, again!
  158. Did you *know* you were having twins?
  159. Great twin shirts
  160. Do they make this type of stroller for twins?
  161. Two 2 year-olds...
  162. Multiple Multiples? *Update Pg 4*
  163. Do you dress your twins the same?