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  1. Baby Names Web Sites
  2. "Please be honest, do you like this name??"
  3. Middle name for "Trevor"??
  4. Boy/Girl Twins...Name Help???
  5. "G" names for boys
  6. more BOY names
  7. Which boy name sounds best?
  8. Girl name combos
  9. Nickname poll
  10. Graham
  11. Which name do you think suits him?
  12. Parker or Chase
  13. Would you change your DC's name after he/she was born?
  14. My turn - Boys' names!
  15. Nate? Do you like it? Is it popular?
  16. Yet another name poll
  17. Need help with a girl name...
  18. Middle Name for Oscar
  19. Would you use this name?
  20. Which spelling do you prefer?
  21. Is this just wrong or would it be ok?
  22. Yet another middle name help....
  23. Wizard Request!
  24. Another Wizard request
  25. Dixon for a boy?
  26. Your favorite not so common names
  27. Breaking news.....we may FINALLY have two names picked out!
  28. Spelling help
  29. Wizard help?
  30. need a girl sibling name for Parker
  31. "Ryleigh for a girl, need middle name help..."
  32. "Mira, Meera, Meara?"
  33. Another Wizard Request
  34. This baby boy is going to be nameless!!!!!
  35. Wizzard request...
  36. Another wizard pleeeeeeeease
  37. "Another Wizard request, pretty please..."
  38. Wizard request- please?
  39. Which one do you like best to go with my other DC's names?
  40. Boy name spelling?
  41. can I jump on the wizard wagon?
  42. Fishing for ideas
  43. We have it narrowed down...which combo though?
  44. Baby names for twins (edited)
  45. Wizard Request pretty please!!
  46. A-Z name suggestions
  47. "Challenge: pretend you're in school, and pick on these names"
  48. Girl Names..Opinions Please
  49. Middle names for Trace for a Boy
  50. I need lots of ideas please!
  51. baby wizard request pleeeease :)
  52. Baby Wizard request...pretty please!
  53. 13 days away and
  54. Honest opinions please :)
  55. Wizard Request Please
  56. "Wizard request, Please."
  57. Maddox?
  58. Wizard request...please!
  59. For the dummy in the corner...
  60. ANOTHER girls name poll from me :)
  61. Spelling opinions
  62. Would this make you not use a name you like?
  63. Wizard request!
  64. Sibs for Kylie?
  65. Need your opionion!
  66. Yet another baby wizard request please
  67. Girl name vote!
  68. More middle name help...
  69. Beautiful girls name - if you're looking!
  70. need opinion please
  71. Middle name help
  72. Boy sibling names for Parker?
  73. Looking for opinions on these names...
  74. Boy name opinion
  75. NN for Angelina?
  76. Help me with middle name to go with Sarah!
  77. "First name Reece, middle name suggestions please!"
  78. Sibling names for Natalie?
  79. What do you think of Phoebe?
  80. Which GIRL name do you like better? (see page 2)
  81. could use your suggestions
  82. "OK, I know I'm crazy..."
  83. Which spelling?
  84. What about Lucy?
  85. Narrowed it down for twins...any thoughts
  86. Middle name opinions
  87. Too many C's?
  88. We're down to 2 )I think)
  89. boy names to go with our dc
  90. Which girl name do you like better?
  91. Wizard request please!!
  92. Name advice for our 3rd DD!
  93. Middle name for Norah?
  94. Boys name. . .
  95. Stella Rose
  96. How about another Wizard request for some ideas?
  97. What do you think for a girl's name?
  98. Name this baby...
  99. more middle name help
  100. We have 12 hours to figure out our perfect girl name! UGH!
  101. Struggling with girl names
  102. Please give me your opinion...
  103. We can't agree!! Any input would be great :)
  104. Baby name wizard help please.
  105. Girl name
  106. 1st name for middle name of PATRICIA??
  107. Aliza or Eliza
  108. Need some suggestions
  109. we have names, feel free to comment :)
  110. Final Names
  111. Final Names Boys
  112. Okay...once again...I need girl names that start with C
  113. MN for Owen?
  114. Boy name...if there is a boy ! Read before voting
  115. Nickname issue!
  116. What do you think??
  117. Me AGAIN!!! Another boy name question....
  118. Girls names that start with L or B
  119. help, I'm not happy with the name we chose
  120. Speaking of middle names...
  121. Baby Name Wizard request....
  122. Comments welcomed
  123. Boy and Girl names
  124. Ever have the urge to change your baby's name?
  125. What do you think of Bennett as a middle name for a girl?
  126. Ace? *update*
  127. Baby names that go with Benjamin
  128. Down to the wire...Help us with the name
  129. Metallica for a girl?
  130. Middle Names for Sasha
  131. First name to go with middle name "Bruce"?
  132. Middle Name for Gabrielle
  133. Need good boys name...
  134. Opinions please
  135. Names with Meanings
  136. Your thoughts
  137. Wanting some opinions...
  138. Struggling with a Boy Name
  139. 2006 Popular Names released
  140. Any non-preggos wanna talk names?
  141. Need name suggestions
  142. Looking for meaning; then the name....
  143. for those who didnt have a name for baby at birth...
  144. Please help me figure this out!!
  145. What do you think of the name NORBERT?
  146. Erin, Claire, or Sarah?
  147. How do you say this name?
  148. New options
  149. Names to go with Rebekah?
  150. How about hiring a baby name consultant?
  151. Nadia vs. Naia
  152. Never watch Jeopardy while thinking up baby names..
  153. Do you like Jessamine for a girl? Be honest!!
  154. Names in your family
  155. Need Help?
  156. What about...
  157. names that go with Peyton
  158. Middle name for Kennedy?
  159. Help me brainstorm
  160. I have no clue!
  161. What makes you pick a name?
  162. Middle name for Benjamin?
  163. Spinoff: Baby name meanings
  164. Too much Harry Potter?
  165. Is "London" too trendy for a girl?
  166. Anyone keeping the name a secret?
  167. Suggest a name :)
  168. Do you wish you could change their name?
  169. What do you think of these names?
  170. To tell or not to tell?
  171. Best baby name book
  172. Here we go again... *WE HAVE NAMES!*
  173. This is an interesting one...
  174. *Updated pg 2* What's your favorite?
  175. Spell it out!
  176. anyone know this name? **UPDATE**
  177. Help me with names!
  178. Girl names...
  179. It's a boy - I need name help...2nd UPDATE
  180. Baby Name Wizard
  181. Baby name Wizard AND thoughts....(boy only)
  182. Baby Name Wizard?
  183. Which boys name?
  184. Boy names
  185. Seriously?
  186. Hopeful
  187. Need help with our boys
  188. Nickname for Juliana?
  189. My turn for names!
  190. Baby name wizard
  191. Would it bother you if...
  192. Why their names?
  193. Here's one I've never heard before...
  194. My new list for boys...
  195. Evie
  196. Thelma...
  197. Another baby name site
  198. DH wants to START OVER!
  199. Are initials important?
  200. Book for DH
  201. NO name yet....
  202. There's just no winning!
  203. Name regrets
  204. Open to suggestions
  205. Is there any way to feminize this name?
  206. More name help please!
  207. Running out of time! Boy name help!
  208. middle name for annabeth
  209. Boy poll :)
  210. Would appreciate your opinions
  211. Splinter?
  212. Pooh Bear...
  213. Do these names sound "matchy"
  214. DH is deciding
  215. Hmmm, how about these?
  216. My Boy Name Conundrum
  217. Girl Names - is this too exotic?
  218. Baby Name Wizard -- need copy of list, please!
  219. Boy name?
  220. opinions of these girl names
  221. Middle Name help
  222. Twin girls
  223. There was this site...
  224. Can someone explain the whole Baby Wizard thing to me?
  225. If you or your dc uses a nickname
  226. Olivia with an "A"- Alivia?
  227. What do you think of.....
  228. Ok, suggest please...
  229. Need Baby Wizzard Info
  230. Do you find it frustrating when.......
  231. Would love some help with a middle name
  232. boy names
  233. Ugh, dh is a pain in the rear!
  234. Which do you like best?
  235. What do you think of this name???
  236. GREAT website!
  237. Just For Fun poll
  238. Baby Girl name poll...
  239. Boy names
  240. One week until due date, no name, opinions please!!!!
  241. What is it with kids and food names?
  242. Best name sites/books?
  243. Ok, our turn for names
  244. Mixing Ethnicities
  245. Using an ex's name?
  246. How would you pronounce this name?
  247. Ellen?
  248. Ok, help me out with this one...UPDATED AGAIN! This time for real! End of 2nd page
  249. When nothing really stands out?
  250. Give me your best names!