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Panic Button

The Panic Button is an optional feature that members can turn on and off for their own use. When turned on, the member can set their own pre-defined work-safe URL (such as and they will then see a panic button (see image sample above) in the postbit of each post (near the "Reply" and "Quote" buttons). If your boss is approaching, you can click the "PANIC" button to quickly visit your work-safe URL.

To set your URL and turn the Panic Button on, visit User Control Panel > Edit Options. Under Thread Display Options, you will see "Panic Button - ON/OFF Switch" and "Panic Button - URL Jump".

Use the "Panic Button - ON/OFF Switch" to turn the feature on or off, and use the "Panic Button - URL Jump" to set the work-safe URL you'd like your Panic Button to take you to when clicked. When entering your URL, be sure to include the http:// or it will not work.

NOTE: Any "PANIC" button you see in a thread is tied to your profile, even if it is in someone else's postbit. It is placed in every post to make it easily accessible.

Signatures Only Shown Once

We offer an option to show user signatures only one time per page. Visit User Control Panel > Edit Options to customize your settings.

Under Thread Display Options, you will see "Signatures Only Shown Once". Set this to "Yes" to if you would like to see only one signature per user per page; setting this to "No" will show a user's signature with every post.

Search FAQ

Select this option if you would like your search to look in the text of FAQ items as well as their titles.

Select an option here to specify how you would like your search query to be treated. 'Any words' will return the most numerous but possibly least relevant results, while 'Complete phrase' will return only results that contain exactly what you are searching for.

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