Forum Rules
Forum Rules
Know the Rules.
It is your responsibility to periodically check the rules and familiarize yourself with them. Because our rules are accessible at all times on our website, not knowing the rules is not an acceptable excuse for breaking them. The rules are subject to change at any time, without previous notice.

Member Conduct.
All members are expected to conduct themselves in a respectable manner at all times. Do not abuse the anonymity that the Internet provides, and treat others as you would in person and as you would like to be treated. Remember that without voice inflection, it is often hard to interpret intent, so please re-read your posts before hitting submit to see if it may be construed in a way other than you intended.

The types of behaviors that are forbidden at Connected Moms include, but are not limited to:
  • personally attacking another member
  • starting or contributing to flame wars
  • baiting
  • continuing discussion of a locked topic
  • inflammatory remarks
  • harassment
  • spamming, via posts or private messages
  • slander and/or libel

Be Respectful.
We have a very diverse community of mothers here, and we ask that you keep that in mind when posting. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions, but should always be respectful when sharing these opinions. Debating is healthy, but should never dissolve into name calling or personal attacks. Signatures, avatars and blinkies should also be respectful of the community. Being proud of your accomplishments or beliefs is encouraged, belittling the beliefs or choices of others is under no circumstances acceptable.

Respect the Staff.
Moderators have the exclusive authority to uphold the rules of the community, and their requests are expected to be observed without conflict. You are free to discuss an issue with the Moderator in a respectful manner, but should you choose to disrespect a Moderator either privately or publicly, it will be grounds for immediate removal from the community without further discussion.

No Advocacy.
Avatars, signatures, locations, web sites, blinkies, etc. are not to be used to promote your personal agendas or causes, nor are members permitted to post about such activities. You are free to use your profile to display material that shows what you believe in - however, you cannot use words or phrases that put down others who do not agree with you.


Acceptable: My Son is Intact
NOT Acceptable: Stop sexual mutilation!

Acceptable: Proud Breastfeeder
NOT Acceptable: Formula is Evil

Acceptable: Gentle Discipline Momma
NOT Acceptable: Spanking is child abuse!

In addition, members are not permitted to act in any manner that makes it appear as though they are pushing an agenda. Such actions include, but are not limited to, repeated postings to the Current Events forum on a particular issue or agenda, and/or forcefully and repeatedly stating or defending your position on a particular issue or agenda.

No Advertising and/or Soliciting.
At no time is it acceptable to use the Forums, Members List, your signature, avatar or other site features for advertising or soliciting. Soliciting is any request of the membership for anything, including but not limited to: business, donations, gifts, signatures, visits or votes to a web site outside of Connected Moms, affiliate links, and information (for research, homework, etc). You are only permitted to post such information and requests within Buddy Groups that you are an active member or in your Connected Moms Blog. You are not, however, allowed to draw attention to these items via posting in the general forums, blinkies, by adding information to your signature or other methods.

Ignore the Trolls.
Trolls are everywhere on the Internet. Nobody likes them. However, they are hard to avoid. Despite our best efforts, you will occasionally see or suspect trolls in the forums. It is never appropriate to accuse someone of being a troll. If you suspect someone is a troll, it is best to put them on ignore.

Keep it Private.
It is never appropriate to cut and paste any content found in the Connected Moms private member areas to your Blog, Buddy Group or an outside website unless you are the original author or have been granted exclusive rights by the original author. This includes private message content. Any member found to be copying Connected Moms member posts, blog entries, private messages or otherwise privy information outside of this web site will be immediately removed from the community.

One User per Account.
If, at any time, it is discovered that a user is sharing Connected Moms account login information with another user, the account will be immediately and permanently disabled.

Posting to the Forums.
By posting your content at Connected Moms, you are granting Connected Moms a perpetual, non-exclusive and non-revocable right to your post. As such, requests to remove posts from the forum following a ban or other discontinuation of membership will be denied.


Violation of forum rules may be dealt with in any of the following manners:
  • warning or infraction
  • editing or deletion of the offending post
  • account suspension
  • permanent ban

Paid Subscriptions.
Some services offered at Connected Moms are subscription-based services. We reserve the right to change the amount of, or basis for determining, any fees or charges for services we provide, and to institute new fees, charges, or terms effective upon prior notice to members. If you do not agree to any such changes to fees, charges, or terms, your sole remedy will be to terminate your subscription. You will receive notice of any fee change at least 30 days before the scheduled date of the transaction and failure to cancel your account as set forth below will constitute acceptance of such fee change. Connected Moms reserves the right to terminate any account at any time for any reason. Requests for prorated refunds of subscription fees will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are granted at the sole discretion of the staff. Should a paid member of the community find themselves banned at any point during their subscription, under no circumstances will there be any refund of the membership fees.

Determination of what constitutes a breach of the Connected Moms Forum Rules rests solely with the administrators.
Please review the rules before using this web site.

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