Description: Sounds odd but it really works.
Dig out your favourite meatball recipe and read on.

Serving Size: 6 ish

Time: about 1 hr cooking

Preparation: Prepare a quantity of bite-sized meatballs to your preference.
brown meatballs in EVOO in a frypan.
pour the passta over the meatballs adding a dash of balsamic vinegar and simmer for 10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

  • 1 quantity of prepared meatballs
  • 1 packet of fresh lasagne sheets
  • bottle of sugo/passata
  • in your lasagne dish pour a few ladlefulls of the sauce and layer the pasta scatter a 3rd of the meatballs + sauce over the pasta and layer again, pasta - meatballs - pasta - meatballs - pasta.
  • Pour over any remaining sauce.
  • Cover dish with aluminium foil.
  • Bake for 40-60 minutes in a moderate oven. Rest for 10 minutes under foil before serving.
  • Serve with a salad or steamed veggies (don't forget that veggies can be hidden in meatballs quite successfully. I scatter pumpkin & zucchini chunks in amongst the meatballs .
  • You couls also add a cheese sauce over the top of the lasagne or scatter mozzarella/cheddar/parmasan mix over the top for the last 10 min of cooking (removing the foil of course)