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Thread: Tortilla pizza

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    Default Tortilla pizza

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    Description: Who needs to make pizza dough when you have tortillas? This is especially good if you like thin crust pizza. Kids love to make their own, so it is a great meal in which to get the kids involved.

    Serving Size: 1 serving per tortilla

    Time: 15 min

    Preparation: If you are using uncooked tortillas, lightly toast your tortillas.
    Chop your toppings and shred your cheese

    Difficulty: Easy

    • tortillas (uncooked, or already cooked). I prefer uncooked.
    • pizza sauce (make your own or buy it premade)
    • mozzerella cheese, shredded
    • Your choice of toppings. I like tomato slices, chicken breast, and onions
    • Place tortillas on a cookie sheet. (if you are using uncooked tortillas, make sure to lightly toast them in a skillet first.)
    • Using a spoon, put 2 tbsp (more or less) of pizza sauce onto each tortilla and smear it around in a circle, leaving about 1/2" of space clear on the outer perimeter of the tortilla.
    • Take your shredded cheese and sprinkle it liberally around the surface of the tortilla.
    • Add your toppings, but don't overload. The crust is REALLY thin and doesn't bear a ton of weight well.
    • Place in the oven at 425*F until the edge of the tortilla start to darken.
    • Then turn on the broiler and toast the top of the tortilla until is as dark as you prefer. I like mine pretty dark and crunchy.
    • If your pizza looks good to you at this point, take it out and cut it up.
    • If you like your crust a little crisper, put the oven back to bake at 425*F until it is as dark and crispy as you like.
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