Count down to your special event with our unique tickers!

Connected Moms offers 100% unique ticker graphics*. Choose from 12 ticker types! You can even upload your own Photo to go the left of your ticker and create custom text to go on the top of your ticker.

How do I create a ticker?

  1. Choose your ticker type from the menu at the top of the page.
  2. Choose your ticker background.
  3. Choose your ticker icon.
  4. Enter your special event date.
  5. Enter your custom text.
  6. Upload a side image (optional).

You will then see your finished ticker on the screen and be given the code needed to use your ticker on message boards, in email, on websites or just about anywhere!

Select a ticker type below to start creating!

* Our sliders and backgrounds are custom made and protected by copyright laws. If you see 'em somewhere else, they stole 'em from us! Let us know about it.

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